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    Ken Okuyama 7 going in to production

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the K.07 Spyder When the K.O7 Spyder broke cover in Geneva we were struck by its bold design (it was penned by the guy who gave us the Enzo and the Quattroporte), but seriously doubted that the track star/supercar would ever see production. Well, a limited ...

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    Takuma Sato gatecrashes Autocar's party

    Steve Sutcliffe was wrapping up Autocar's annual 0-100-0 test when a well spoken Japanese gentleman wandered over and started checking out the cars. Now what would you do if you had a car park full of supercars, a private track rented for the day and a Formula 1 driver hove in to view? Give him ...

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    Japan's Subarus get Stereoscopic Vision

    Both Honda and Toyota have been toying with laser-based Active Cruise Control systems for over a decade now, while the German luxury car makers have offered more expensive radar-based gizmos for almost as long. The premise of both is that an electronic copilot keeps an eye on the road ahead ...

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    Colin McRae tribute convoy reaches 30-miles long

    Click above for high-res gallery of Colin McRae's tributeOh, those Brits. When they're not faking making corn circles they're writing a rally legend's name using 1,086 Subaru Imprezas as pixels. This, of course, was the finale to the weekend long celebration of Colin McRae's life, which saw over ...

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    Rumormill: Lexus LF-A... Stillborn?

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Lexus LF-A concept.The writing has been on the wall for some time. Although the Lexus flagship graduated from "concept" to "prototype" when it campaigned in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring, Toyota has refused to even hint at a production date for the V10 ...

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    20-mile-long convoy of Subarus to celebrate life of Colin McRae

    var digg_url = ''; The picture at right was taken a just a day after the rally legend was killed in a tragic helicopter crash near his home in Lanarkshire. Without prompting, rally fans from across the UK drove to Scotland ...

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    American-made Formula Nippon car debuts at Fuji

    Just under a year since the concept was announced, two brand new 2009 Formula Nippon chassis, designed and built by California's Swift Engineering, have gone through shakedown trials at Fuji Speedway. Autoblog spoke to Team Toyota TOM'S Andre Lotterer, one of the first two F'pon pilots to take the ...

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    Takuma Sato back on Track

    Takuma Sato's fans had pretty much given up on seeing their idol on track this past weekend at the British Grand Prix. Many of them had bought plane and/or GP tickets well in advance, only to be disappointed when Super Aguri followed Minardi, and Arrows in to the annals of Formula 1 history just ...

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    Subaru Exiga: Up close and personal

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2008 Subaru Exiga.When we showed you Subaru's new MPV last week your response was pretty much unanimous: man that is fugly. The car's reception on the other side of the Pacific has been a lot warmer though, particularly for the headlights' signature blue ...

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    Free tape measure, 'Ring tuition for European GT-R buyers

    Hundreds of European GT-R buyers, who have put down large down payments on cars that they won't see until next spring at the earliest, have received a small consolation gift from Nissan: a tape measure. The highly cool GT-R-embossed little box is to be used to measure their heads, so Nissan will ...

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    Hamilton Senior takes a Carrera GT for a spin

    "Dad, I've totalled the (insert name of first car here)." Chances are that even if you haven't had to use that phrase, you know someone who has. But in an unusual twist, Anthony Hamilton may be making the sheepish call to his son this morning. Lewis Hamilton's dad has put someone's Carrera GT ...

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    Honda Super Cub: 0 to 60 million in 50 years

    Marketing folks at Rover used to boast that the first car most people of the world ever saw was a Land Rover. That's a pretty spurious claim, but anyone who has travelled in Asia will agree that the first vehicle that most of Earth's residents *owned* was and is the venerable Honda Cub. Fifty ...

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    Mini does a Max

    When we reported on this SM themed Agent Provocateur Mini Clubman, we took an impossible-to-resist shot at Max Moseley, but now Mini and the AIDS charity Life Ball may be making the most of the FIA president's infamous escape, too. In order to publicize the car's upcoming auction, the black and ...

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    Toyota Alphard gets facelift, Vellfire sibling

    Click above for a gallery of the new Toyota Alphard and VellfireSix years after Toyota's luxury minivan, the Alphard, hit Japanese (and a few SE Asian) showrooms, the company has given its flagship people mover a facelift, and a twin brother. Noting that one in four family cars in Japan are ...

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    Revolving License Plates Help Chinese Speeders

    James Bond used them to elude Goldfinger's foot soldiers, but now revolving license plates have hit the open market in (where else?) China. Apparently over half of all speeders caught on camera in the south of the country get away scot-free by using false or occluded plates. A basic remote ...

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    Spoiler Alert: Super GT Rd. 3 Results

    Click above for a huge, high-res gallery of Rd. 3 of the '08 SuperGT season. After previous incarnations of the Nissan GT-R ran away with successive JGTC titles, Japan's GT Association decided to inflict "success ballast" on race winners in an attempt to level the playing field (i.e give Toyota and ...

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    GT-R SUV that never was, nor will be

    Thankfully we can officially report that the humongously ugly rendering of a GT-R based SUV, which appeared in Best Car's early February edition, has no basis in reality. Reliable sources, both at Nissan's HQ in Tokyo and at the company's development center in Zama, who typically answer questions ...

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    GT-R Promotes Smart Driving

    If we were in charge of Tokyo's inner city expressway we probably wouldn't use the Shutoko racer's favorite weapon of choice to promote safe driving. Scratch that, we probably would, but we're amazed that the owners of the Wangan got themselves a new GT-R to publicize their current Tokyo Smart ...

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    Takuma Sato Gets New Seat

    At first glance this could be Super Aguri's latest F1 contender. It's not like they need any bodywork for all their sponsors' stickers... But no, it is a limited edition Takuma Sato Play Seat that can be parked in front of your TV for just 60,900 cents/Yen (around $600 USD). There goes that ...

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    Subaru to stop making Kei Cars

    Last week's announcement that Toyota wants to raise its stake in Subaru's parent company Fuji Heavy Industries looked to have no down side. Subaru gets $300 million with which to build a new factory, Toyota gets greater access to FHI's high tech batteries for hybrids, and both get to build the ...

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