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    Break Out The Aluminum Foil To Secure Yourself From Hackers
    Filling the Smart Key Security Gap 1296954000

    Some basic electronic gear is all tech-minded car thieves would need to steal many recent models, according to Swiss researchers. They successfully hacked into 10 vehicles from eight manufacturers in the latest of a growing number of studies exposing potential security risks as vehicles become more ...

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    Is Magnesium The Key To Higher Fuel Economy?

    Carbon fiber often occupies the limelight as a light weight material that could take some of the heft out of our cars, and thus improve fuel efficiency -- if only it cost less. But alloys of magnesium, the lightest structural metal, have a history in automotive components tracing back to the 1930s. ...

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    Why Can't We Charge Our Electric Cars Wirelessly?

    The concept of being able to charge up a depleted battery without a cord or plug in sight might seem futuristic. But more than a century after Nikola Tesla demonstrated wireless energy transfer, wireless charging systems are already becoming a reality for devices ranging from electric toothbrushes ...

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    Finishing School: Automotive Interiors Treated To Cool New Materials

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    Public Charging for Electric Cars: What to Expect

    As automakers gear up to roll thousands of electric cars into showrooms and onto the open road, prospective buyers have to consider a basic question: When and where will I plug in?

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    Smarter Parking: New Ways to Feed the Meter

    After circling block upon block in search of a rare vacant parking space, or scrounging for quarters at a blinking meter, many drivers may arrive at a common thought: There's got to be a better way of doing this. UCLA professor Donald Shoup, an authority on parking management and author of "The ...

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    CamberTire: Reinventing the Wheel

    John Scott aims to take the auto industry by storm, doing what the old adage tells us is a waste of time: Reinventing the wheel. More accurately, Scott has re-imagined the tire as an asymmetrical circle. If you think of a standard car tire with symmetrical sidewalls, it has a square shape when you ...


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