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    Questions Every Vehicle Owner Should Ask Their Mechanic
    What to know when you take your car to the garage 1302804000

    "They can make up anything!" Seinfeld's George Costanza famously said of mechanics. "Nobody knows! By the way, you need a new Johnson rod in there."

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    The Leadfoot Tax: Even Legal High-Speed Driving Costs You Money and Safety
    A lighter foot can save your money and your life, if not time 1302631200

    The Texas state legislature is considering a law that would let drivers crank it up to 85 mph in some rural stretches of highway. But if drivers care about how much money they are spending at the gas pump, they will stay in the right lane and below the limit.

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    Cars From The Last Decade Could Be Collectible -- If You Buy The Right One
    Hang onto your wheels folks, and keep them dry and salt-free if you can 1302372000

    It's hard to imagine, but once upon a time, a 1946 Packard, '57 Chevy or a '68 Ford Falcon didn't cause a major stir on the highway any more than a Honda Accord, Audi A4 or a Dodge Ram would today.

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    Keeping Safe On The Highway
    Arm yourself with smarts to avoid unnecessary trouble and tragedy 1301940000

    All motorists need to be careful on the highway to avoid becoming victims of crimes while driving; crimes that include carjacking, sexual assault, robbery and worse. The following are some tips to help keep you safe while getting from here to there.

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    How NYC's Best Bus Driver Stayed Crash-Free for 23 Years
    Keeping your cool behind the wheel isn't complicated 1300665600

    If you're planning a trip to the New York City any time soon and want to keep safe as you make your way about, you couldn't do better than riding with NYC Transit bus operator Michael Sanua, who's been transporting New Yorkers and tourists through rain, snow, sleet and traffic since 1988 without a ...

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    Pooch Protection 101: Keeping Your Dog Safe In Your Car
    Six Tips For Pet-Safe Travel 1299610800

    Unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 accidents annually, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), and the Travel Industry Association of America says 29 million Americans have traveled with a pet on a trip of 50 miles or more in the past five years. With those kinds of numbers, ...

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    What To Do If Your Brakes Fail
    10 Steps To Stopping Safely 1298055600

    Eddie Hagan was driving down a rural road near his suburban home, behind the wheel of his 2003 Honda Civic. It was just after six in the morning and he was on his way to work. It was just like any other day -- until it wasn't.

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    Super Size Me? How About My Car?
    Are Automakers Responding To American's Growing Waistlines? 1297623600

    It's not news that Americans' waistlines are much bigger than they used to be, and what should or should not be done about it remains a continual subject of debate. But in the meantime, extra-large Americans get up and go to work like anyone else and they need vehicles to get them there and back. ...

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    How To Prevent Thieves From Stealing Your Catalytic Converter
    Costly part is important to your exhaust system 1295982000

    California resident Victor Murillo was recently awakened at 3:00 in the morning by a loud metallic thud outside his apartment window. Thinking the sound was made by a garbage truck, he rolled over and went back to sleep. But when he emerged from his apartment to go to work and started up his Toyota ...

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    What Should You Do If You Witness A Car Crash?
    Good Samaritan? Read this first. 1293886800

    For most people, witnessing a highway crash means stopping what they're doing and assisting however way they can, whether that means calling authorities, helping to push disabled vehicles off the road, warning and diverting oncoming traffic, or providing lifesaving measures.

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    What To Do If Your Car Catches Fire
    Car Fires Are More Common Than You Think 1292871600

    Vehicle fires are one of the scariest things that can happen on the road – and they happen more often than you think. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says 33 car fires are reported every hour in the U.S., and 18 percent of all reported fires occur on a road or highway and ...

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    We Are A Nation Of Honkers
    The Automobile Horn And Its Long History Of Overuse 1290574800

    New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, but a lot of us don’t sleep because there’s a guy leaning on the horn of his car on the street below our windows. It doesn't matter if it's 3:00 AM or that your next-door neighbors have infants, or that there are enormous signs ...

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    Hearses Are Heaven For Colorado Enthusiast
    He Owns Eight Hearses And Drives One Every Day 1288324800

    For most, the sight of a hearse elicits an immediate feeling of sobriety, respect, and even dread. For others, however, hearses have a beauty that should be embraced and cherished. And then there are those hearse fanatics who are drawn to the vehicles’ macabre charm. “You have to look ...

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    5 Auto Maintenance Procedures You Don't Need
    Save your money and skip 'em 1287720000

    P.T. Barnum said "There's a sucker born every minute," before the dawn of mass-produced automobiles, but peddlers of bogus mileage-enhancers and proponents of unnecessary auto maintenance procedures are carrying on Barnum's tradition. Everything from magnets to vortex generators to water injectors ...

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    Drive-In Movies Persevere
    End-Of-Summer Thrills and Dancing Hot Dogs 1285387200

    It’s a full house on Saturday night at the Hyde Park Drive-In in Poughkeepsie, New York. That makes owner Barry Horowitz happy. His family has owned and operated the drive-in theater since 1950. “We’re surviving, and that’s a good thing,” he says, echoing the mantra of ...

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    How To Be A (Great) Passenger
    A Race Car Driver Gives Us Tips 1283572800

    “How to be a passenger?” you ask. “What’s next, ‘how to put your pants on?’ All a passenger has to do is sit back and enjoy the ride, eat a sandwich, talk on the phone or play air drums, right?” Wrong, actually. Passengers can -- and frequently do -- ...

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    Irv Gordons Three-Million-Mile Quest
    Hes Driven His 44-Year-Old Volvo Since New 1282708800

    You'd think a guy with almost 2.8 million miles on his car would want to stay put for a minute. But Guinness Book of World Records holder Irv Gordon, a 70-year-old retired science teacher who bought his 1966 Volvo P1800 new, is aiming to roll his speedometer over to 3 million miles in the next ...

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    Yes, Im A Pontiac Aztek Fan
    Even Unloved Models Have Their Champions 1280376000

    The Pontiac Aztek seemed like a great idea at the time. It was the late ’90s, the American economy was booming, and we were buying Sport Utility Vehicles by the literal millions. By 2000, the light truck category accounted for approximately one third of the 17 million cars bought in the U.S., ...

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    Killer Car Negotiation
    5 Tips From The Pros 1277956800

    Shopping for a new car at an auto dealership is right up there with getting a root canal for many people, largely due to the dread of having to deal with high-pressure salespeople. Most know that whatever flabby protest they come up with in the face of add-ons, options or “Sign Now!” ...

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    What The Dealer Has To Tell You
    7 Questions A Seller Is Legally Bound To Answer 1272340800

    When I was 21, I went to look at a used car advertised in a local paper. The seller had an honest face, he was friendly, and even though the car was a few years old it looked brand new. When it turned out the seller and I shared the same last name, the deal seemed pre-ordained. So after I had my ...


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