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    SMART will debut in the U.S. with three-model lineup

    Dave Schembri, tapped by Roger Penske to lead smart in the United States, sat in on Autoline Detroit recently and shared some info about the models we can expect to see when smart debuts here. There will be three models initially, a base, a top-of-the-line coupe, and a cabriolet, all versions of ...

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    Audi plans to raise prices, brand perception

    Audi is getting set to hike its prices up as it makes an attempt to move the brand more upscale and on par with other German luxury marques. In additon to an increase in status, the move should also make some more money for Audi, which has had profitability issues in the past, not the least of ...

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    Paris Redux: MSN picks the Paris Motor Show's top 10

    While our guys really liked the Peugeot 908 RC and Nissan Qashqai and thought the Audi R8 was a little overrated (check out the Autoblog Podcast recapping the show), the editors of MSN Autos have come back with their list of favorites from the Paris Show with picks that were a little more ...

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    VIDEO: Wheel falls off race car and returns to its home

    In the "Easily Amused" category for today is this video of an unfortunate racer who loses an all-important component -- a tire (or tyre, if you're so inclined to use the British spelling). The wayward appendage put on quite a show for the cameras, bouncing without interrupting the rest of the race ...

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    Try losing one of these in the wash: the traction-improving AutoSock

    Forget loading your trunk with 2 x 4s and sand bags, the AutoSock has you covered this winter. Scheduled to debut at the Specialty Equipment Marketers Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas this November, the AutoSock is composed of high-tech fabric that wraps around the tires of two drive wheels, ...

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    Jeep Compass comes in below projections

    The Chrysler Group has gotten tons of PR mileage out of the popularity of the Dodge Caliber, to the point where dealers haven't been able to keep them in stock and consumers have to beg for a test drive (new Calibers net more profit than demos, after all). Unfortunately for the automaker, the ...

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    In the Autoblog Garage: 2007 Audi Q7 4.2

    I wasn't home when the media fleet guys dropped off the svelte silver bullet they call the Audi Q7... but my roommate was. Like any car-crazy boy, he just couldn't help himself. He grabbed the key fob and tore out to the driveway -- it was playtime. "This thing is STUPID with features," his ...

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    Ford newest round of incentives focuses on trucks

    Ahh, more incentives to announce. Ford Motor Company has introduced new perks for potential truck owners, mostly relating to financing. Buyers of 2006 and 2007 Ford F-series and Ranger trucks will enjoy some of the lowest rates out there for 60-month loans, including zero percent financing for the ...

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    Spy Shots: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X

    Brembo brakes and dual exhaust are two of the clues that identity this car despite its camouflage -- the Lancer EVO X, which is one of the most hotly-anticipated vehicles coming out in 2007 for the '08 model year. Mitsubishi's Concept-X, which made the auto show circuit throughout 2006, showed some ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Hyundai Coupe (Tiburon)

    The Hyundai Coupe (otherwise known as the Tiburon in the U.S. and Asia) may have launched officially at the Guangzhou Motor Show in China earlier this year, but that didn't stop Hyundai from putting it on its stand at the Paris Motor Show to show off Hyundai's 2007 front-wheel drive sports ...

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    Introducing Mr. October: GM's monthly offerings

    Never thought we'd see the day when Bob Lutz was dubbed "Mr. October," but our eyes do not deceive us. General Motors has available for download a pinup calendar of sorts over at Flickr featuring the product boss with a GM Sequel for the month of October. In addition to the photo, the calendar ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Audi S3

    Fans everywhere of the sporty A3 hatchback have even more reason to drool -- its wicked twin, the Audi S3, just launched in Paris, and we've got pictures to prove it, thanks to Autoblog's Eric Bryant. With 265 turbocharged horses pumped out by one of Audi's new TFSI engines, this is one hot ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Suzuki Splash concept

    We couldn't figure out why John was sending us pictures of a toy car from the Paris Motor Show until he filled us in that this is actually the very cute, very small Suzuki Splash concept. The little jellybean in Lagoon Blue is what Suzuki dubs a "clinic model," or the first step towards a new ...

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    BREAKING NEWS: Kerkorian may buy up more of GM

    Kirk Kerkorian may buy up to 12 million additional shares of GM stock, according to Automotive News. The billionaire investor would need approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission for the deal because it would send his company, Tracinda Corporation, well over 10 percent ownership of GM ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG

    While Eric was milling around at the Mercedes press conference, he overheard a guy with a thick French accent proclaim, "As the Americans are fond of saying – there is no replacement for cubic inches." While he may have lost something in translation, the meaning sticks, and then some -- the ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Renault Koleos concept

    The SUV boom may be waning, but that's not stopping Renault from coming up with the Koleos concept, a sneak preview of an all-wheel drive SUV concept the automaker will launch in 2008. Built on a completely new platform developed with Nissan, the Koleos' claim to fame is the driving dynamics of a ...

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    Mitsubishi stakes new territory in cyberland

    Mitsubishi announced today that it has a brand-spankin'-new web site that upgrades the consumer experience both on the research and purchase sides. It also bulks up real-time capabilities for dealer leads, hopefully meaning more sales for the underperforming automaker. The company tapped IBM ...

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    GM and Renault/Nissan come back into the forefront, continuing talks

    There's been a lot of buzz in the air distracting us from the proposed alliance between General Motors and Renault/Nissan, including talk about a GM alliance with Ford, purported "lukewarm feelings" within the ranks at GM about becoming aligned with the French-Japanese powerhouse, and even GM ...

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    GM pricing of Silverado and Sierra oddly familiar

    General Motors didn't look too far to find its pricing for the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks - they're exactly the same as last year, for the most part. The Silverado and Sierra start at $23,605 for the 4.8L V8, RWD, extended cab, base model, including shipping. The crew ...

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    Chrysler continues to seek partner for B-car production, China still in the mix

    DaimlerChrysler has been looking for a partner to produce subcompact cars, like the Dodge Hornet concept the company unveiled in Geneva last year, and according to Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda, a Chinese company may be the lucky recipient of the business. Speaking at an Automotive Press ...

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