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    Chicago Auto Show: Live unveiling of the 2008 Saturn Astra

    Click above image to view a high-resolution gallery of the new Saturn Astra

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    Hot Rod wants your help selecting its next project car

    We certainly wouldn't claim that the only measure of a gearhead is the number of projects in his or her garage, but certainly it's a useful metric. By that standard, Hot Rod's David Freiburger definitely deserves his post as editor-in-chief, but even he has found himself with more cars than time ...

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    The Autoblog Project Garage: Big-brake install, Part III

    After dedicating the last several years to the pursuit of power and handling, we're finally putting forth an effort to slow down our car. Consider this to be an indicaton of hard-earned maturity (as opposed to our receding hairlines, which are just signs of getting old).

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    Another racing legend shuffled off this mortal coil: Benny Parsons dead at 65

    Former NASCAR champion and current commentator Benny Parsons succumbed to the ravages of lung cancer this week at the age of 65. Like so many other stock car stars of his era, he was born and raised in North Carolina, but instead of learning how to drive while running moonshine, he instead polished ...

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    Oil sludging atonement: Toyota settles class-action suit

    If you're the owner of certain Toyota products built with the 2.2L I4 or 3.0L V6 between 1997 and 2002, you may soon be receiving notification from the automaker concerning its recent settlement in a class-action lawsuit. Filed as the result of damage caused by sludged oil (which ultimately can ...

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    Drag-racing legend Dick Landy passes on to the big strip in the sky

    Dick Landy, the man synonymous with Dodge's wildly-successful factory drag racing program in the 1960s and '70s, has died from kidney failure. He was 69 years old.

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    Detroit Auto Show: Under the skin of Toyota's Tundra

    Details on the Toyota Tundra have been slowly trickling out since its debut in Chicago last year, and finally, the manufacturer's display at the Detroit Auto Show put all the goods for our inspection. This, along with the recently-released specs, has given us a better idea of how the Tundra might ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: A gallery of heavy haulers

    So, who else noticed the complete lack of truck photos in John's otherwise excellent gallery of wallpaper-worthy shots from the 2007 Detroit Auto Show? Well, not every Autoblogger grew up watching Colt Seavers thrashing on a beautiful GMC, so the task of gathering up shots of the latest heavy-duty ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: We finally bring live shots of the Ford Focus and Five Hundred

    After the debut of the Interceptor and MKR, the redesigned Focus and Five Hundred got lost in the buzz, so now, we finally bring you live shots of Ford's people movers. Enjoy. -Ed.

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    NHTSA pursuing tougher crash standards

    Getting a five-star crash test rating will get a whole lot tougher with a new proposal from the Bush Administration that would put into effect a requirement for side-impact testing.

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    Detroit Auto Show: Chevrolet's Malibu gets a makeover

    click on above image to view our updated gallery of the Malibu with an additional 29 live shots

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    Detroit Auto Show: Nassau concept hints towards the future of Chrysler RWD

    Click image for a high-resolution photo gallery

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    Detroit Auto Show: Jeep Trailhawk offers open-air off-roading for four

    click image above to view all the new live shots in our high-resolution photo gallery

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    Detroit Auto Show: Mitsubishi Prototype X concept

    UPDATE: Additional 33 live shots added to

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    Detroit Auto Show: Volvo debuts the oh-so-Swedish XC60

    Click the image above for a full sized galllery.

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    Detroit Auto Show: The stunning new Cadillac CTS

    click above image to view our high-resolution gallery with 52 images

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    Detroit Auto Show: Jaguar C-XF concept brings Gorgeous to the four-door crowd

    click above image to view 66 high-resolution image in our gallery

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    Detroit Auto Show: Audi announces US plans for Q7 3.0L TDI

    Click image for a high-resolution photo gallery

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    Detroit Auto Show: Audi unleashes the beastly Q7 V12 TDI

    click above image to view 35 high-resolution images

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    Detroit Auto Show: Ford Interceptor official unveiling

    click above image to view high-resolution gallery, now with 17 live shots

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