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Domenick Yoney

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Florida-based Domenick Yoney is pursuing a career in the automotive sector. He enjoys creatively combining his love of writing and mobility technology with his environmental concerns.

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    Two Wheels: The complete story of electric motorcycles gets Kickstarted
    Book Will Detail History And Its Affect On Motorsports Today 1433343660

    Electric motorcycles have come a long way in the past 45 years. A new book by Ted Dillard will tell the story of their rise, and how it intersects with technological innovation, renewable energy and motorsports. At least, it will if the Kickstarter campaign supporting it continues down a successful ...

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    Video: Monster Tajima teams with Rimac on megawatt Pikes Peak racer
    Sets Up Millen Versus Monster Rematch 1432814220

    Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima has teamed up with Rimac Automobili to buff his all-wheel-drive E-Runner to megawatt status in an effort to thwart rival Rhys Millen at Pikes Peak.

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    Two Wheels: Zero Motorcycles slices $1,350 from all 2015 price tags
    Offers Previous Buyers Free Quick Charger, Riding Apparel 1432209600

    The batteries in Zero Motorcycles are becoming better and cheaper, and so the electric vehicle manufacturer has decided to pass some savings along to its customers, chopping $1,350 from the price of all its 2015 models.

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    Two Wheels: Did the CEO of Ducati really ride this electric conversion?
    Rumor Says He Loved It Enough To Consider Doing An Electric Duc 1431950280

    What happens if you put the CEO of a famous Italian brand on an electric conversion of one of its motorcycles? If rumors are to be believed, there may be an battery-powered Ducati sometime in the future.

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    Two Wheels: Victory Motorcycles officially enters TT Zero [w/video]
    Bringing Its First Battery-Powered Bikes To Isle Of Man 1431543660

    Victory Motorcycles, known for making heavy-weight cruisers, shows its forward-looking face with the announcement of its entry of two electric race bikes in the SES TT Zero Challenge on the Isle of Man.

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    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca awaits your EV at Refuel 2015
    Run It, Race It, Relish It 1431359880

    Attention electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts! The Refuel 2015 date has been announced, and so it's time to check out what's on this year's battery-powered high-speed agenda.

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    Opinion: What it would take to build a true Tesla competitor
    And Why Established Automakers Haven't Done It 1431025080

    Many automakers have announced electric models with 200 miles or more range will arrive in their showrooms in the next couple years. Are any of these "Tesla beaters", or are they pretenders to the throne. Also, what's taken them so long to get with the battery-powered program?

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    Video: Energica Ego impresses in series of drag races
    Takes On Tesla P85D, Ferrari 458 Italia, Others 1429833480

    The Energica Ego electric motorcycle from Italy has just finished jumping through all the NHTSA and EPA hoops necessary to make it available to US consumers. It has also just faced down a handful of high-performance competitors in an informal set of drag races. You can see how well it stacks up ...

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    Official: Toroidion is Finnish for megawatt electric supercar
    All-Wheel-Drive Battery-Powered Concept Revealed At Top Marques Monaco 1429574220

    The Toroidion 1MW supercar has had its official reveal at Top Marques in Monaco. This megawatt electric concept hails from Finland, and is the first fruit of a four-year effort.

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    Video: Michelin experts talk electric racing, Pilot Sport EV
    RFID Chips And Other Formula E Tire Surprises 1429286160

    We spent some quality time in the Michelin tire tent at the Long Beach round of the Formula E Championship learning about tires and, more specifically, the unique rubber that makes this electric series go round.

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    Two Wheels: Brammo Empulse RR may be racing at 2015 TT Zero
    But Will Bike be Branded Brammo Or Victory? 1428666840

    UK-based motorcycle racer Lee Johnston has posted a photo on Twitter that points to his participation in the 2015 TT Zero aboard an electric motorcycle developed by Brammo. We can only wonder which brand the bike will wear if it makes it to the historic Mountain Course – Brammo or Victory?

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    Two Wheels: 2015 Sarolea SP7 debuts ahead of the TT Zero
    The Return Of The Dark Horse 1428537300

    Last year the Saroléa SP7 electric motorcycle missed the TT Zero podium by a fraction of a second. Now, the resurrected Belgian brand is back with a bettered black beauty in another bid for bragging rights.

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    Motorsports: And the winner of the Formula E at Long Beach is ... [Spoilers]

    The Formula E race at Long Beach, California has been run and someone has taken his first win in the electric racing series with a real fairy tale finish. We're spoiler free here, but just click through to see the winner.

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    Two Wheels: Mugen reveals Shinden Yon electric superbike
    Will Return To TT Zero With John McGuinness And Bruce Anstey 1428062460

    Mugen has lifted the sheet from its new Shinden Yon electric motorcycle. It boasts more horsepower than the bike it used to take the top two TT Zero podium steps last year, but it's also heavier. Will it be good enough to repeat that result in the face of stiffer competition?

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    Two Wheels: Bolt Motorbikes reimagines the moped with electric results [w/video]
    The Bolt M-1 Isn't Your Weird Uncle's Moped 1427903820

    Does the mere thought of a modern moped make you chuckle? Maybe cringe? Boasting battery power and bluetooth, the Bolt M-1 might just change your perception of the long scorned, idiosyncratic two-wheeler.

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    Report: Morgan Stanley video say Tesla share price could multiply tenfold
    Or It Could Get Cut In Half 1426780920

    In a entertaining video, Morgan Stanley explains why Tesla Motors could be the world's most important car company and says its stock price could multiply by ten. It could also possibly get cut in half.

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    Rumormill: Apple enthusiasts sleuth out some Project Titan details
    Fiat 600 Multipla could figure into Apple Car equation 1426694220

    Apple's Project Titan is said to be minivan-like. The Fiat 600 Multipla from the 1950's could also be said to be minivan-like. AppleInsider may have uncovered a connection between the two.

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    Tesla Model S P85D gets pitted against a... snowmobile?

    New video answers gripping question of which is quicker off the line on a frozen lake – a Tesla Model S P85D, or a snowmobile.

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    Report: Chinese company gives Tesla Model S sedans as bonus
    First Eight Of Dozens Already Delivered At WiFi Skeleton Key 1424793600

    You may have gotten a sweet year-end bonus, but was it Tesla-Model-S sweet? Dozens of employees at WiFi Skeleton Key are being rewarded with a new electric car from the Californian automaker.

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    Tesla Roadster 3.0 road trip manages 340 miles on single charge
    Has 20 Miles Range Left To Spare 1424192160

    Confirmed: The Tesla Roadster equipped with the 3.0 upgrade package can make the trip from San Jose to Los Angeles without stopping to charge.


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