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    American Drivers May Have Hit Their Peak
    The "Peak Car" theory says U.S. citizens will buy fewer cars 1374740580

    Compared with the rest of the world, the U.S. has long been known as the gas guzzler country--the nation of the widest roads, largest vehicles and the least amount of reliable mass transit for the geography. That image could be changing, according to a new study that says driving in the U.S. has ...

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    Ford Posts Record North American Earnings
    Rest of the world is lagging, but popular products at home driving business 1374675360

    Ford Motor Co. bested forecasts for second quarter earnings with brisk sales of its Fusion sedan and Escape SUV, as well as increased pickup truck sales and diminished losses in recession plagued Europe.

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    Land Rover Range Rover Success Points To Ford's Hasty Decision To Sell
    Land Rover rocking while Lincoln is struggling 1374499260

    As Ford struggles to make Lincoln its only legitimate luxury brand, one would have to ask if the company has any seller's remorse over getting rid of Land Rover and Jaguar in 2008 to Indian automaker Tata Motors, which is doing quite well with the brands.

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    Kia Establishes Cred With U.S. Buyers
    Predicted once to be shelved by Korean parent Hyundai, Kia is movin' on up 1374242400

    As recently as 2010, the website Wall Street 24/7 predicted that Kia Motors would be leaving the U.S., and would be a brand that joined the ranks of the defunct such as Borders Books and Blockbuster Video.

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    Self Driving Cars Are Coming Soon To Dealers Near You
    A boon to aging drivers, commuters and young inexperienced drivers 1370542860

    You have perhaps heard of the Google Car that drives itself? Maybe you have heard of the "autonomous car," which is pretty much the same idea. If it sounds like all kinds of pie in the sky, Jetsons-like tech that will never end up in your driveway, think again. It's here in some cars already and ...

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    GM Returns To The S&P 500, Moves Closer To Independence
    Automaker's shares out-performing the Dow Jones Industrial Average this year 1370453400

    General Motors' independence from the U.S. government is progressing ahead of schedule as the U.S. Treasury is selling off 30 million of its shares this week just as the automaker gets reinstated to the Stand & Poors 500 Index.

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    May Auto Sales Bolster U.S. Economy
    Demand for pickup truks, some big discounts and rising consumer confidence boost sales 1370286060

    Higher discounts at some automakers, rising pickup sales and rising consumer confidence pushed up industry sales in May, giving the overall U.S. economy a shot in the arm.

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    Chevy Malibu Gets A Rescue Makeover
    Car gets a refresh just 18 months after its last facelift 1370025420

    The current Chevrolet Malibu launched only 18 months ago, and already General Motors is updating it - a clear sign of just how competitive the family-sedan category has become, with new and improved versions of the Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Mazda 6 and Nissan Altima vying for attention.

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    The Five Critical Rules For Negotiating Your Next Vehicle Purchase
    Following just a few tips can dramatically help you out at the dealer 1369933200

    Before you go out shopping for a new car, read these five rules of negotiation put together by the experts and editors at AOL Autos.

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    Grand Blvd: Why I Bought a Cadillac
    A 2003 Caddy Seville SLS is my new ride 1369855800

    As I drove east toward Detroit on I-96, I saw a car that looked very much like mine passing me on the left. It was a white creamy colored Cadillac Deville with a faux convertible top. I got out in the left lane to catch up, pull alongside and maybe gesture to the driver with a thumb's up. After ...

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    How To Save Big Money on Car Repairs
    The dealer told me the repair would be $1,600. The next day it was zero. 1369404840

    We have all been there. The car is at the dealer or mechanic's shop and they say a repair is going to cost four figures. Do you just grin and bear it, or challenge it? This happened to me and I won.

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    Tesla Pays Back DOE Loans Early
    Soaring share price and new stock offering got the carmaker off taxpayer's backs 1369295040

    It has all the earmarks of being a late 1990s bubble stock, but for now Tesla Motors can't seem to do anything wrong. And investors keep rewarding the young electric-vehicle company with more and more capital; so much so that it will soon be paying back its $465 million government loan way ...

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    Don't Pay Car Dealer Fees Without a Fight
    Being a smart, prepared shopper can save you big money 1369062120

    Airlines cleared $3.5 billion in baggage and seat fees in 2012. Fees are practically a hidden economy across all industries. And buying a car is no different. But there are ways to be tough with a new or used car dealer in the negotiations. And going after some of those pesky fees on the invoice is ...

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    Chevy Silverado Finally Arrives After 7-Year Wait
    Long-awaited pickup could provide big boost to GM's bottom line 1368796980

    While General Motors has recovered since its epic 2009 bankruptcy, and its passenger cars are better than they have ever been, the company remains dependent on sales of pickup trucks and SUVs for its profits.

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    AMC's Mad Men Brings GM Nightmare, Chevy Vega, To Plot
    Car that was meant to be breakthrough was prone to just breaking 1367870400

    Car that was meant to be breakthrough was prone to just breaking.

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    GM Shares Move Up On Better Than Expected Q1 Performance
    Lower losses in Europe and a new pickup truck improve outlook 1367505000

    General Motors' net income fell 14-percent in the first quarter, weighed down by losses in Europe and weaker earnings in North America. But its performance was better than many analysts expected, so shares were trading higher on Thursday.

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    Chrysler Reports Small Profit For First Quarter Of 2013
    Earnings could improve in the remainder of the year 1367248800

    Chrysler reported a small profit for the first quarter, reflecting lower shipments of vehicles to Europe and a slow down in production for the U.S. connected with new model launches. The company's overall outlook, though, remains positive as it moves toward a likely initial public offering.

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    Obama Nominates Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx For DOT
    A mayor who favors light rail and street-cars to run the nation's transportation system 1367208600

    President Obama is set today to nominate Charlotte, NC Mayor Anthony Foxx, a man who is in process of bringing electrified street cars to his city, as the new Secretary of Transportation.

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    Opinion: Qoros could finally be the Chinese brand to fear in the west

    Can Qoros Make A Difference Outside The Walls Of China?

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    Feds Go After Fisker Automotive Over $192 Million Taxpayer Loans
    Analysis: The Government Should Not Fund Start-Up Car Companies 1366830960

    Fisker, the hybrid car company on the verge of bankruptcy, was a complete mess the past few years.p


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