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    U-Turn: What you missed on 2.20.15

    Introducing our long-term 2015 Volkswagen GTI; Takata fined $14,000/day; Chevy admits confusion over Bolt name. Those are the top automotive headlines for Friday, February 20, 2015.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 2.19.15

    Club Loose featured on Car Club USA; the dangers of car hacking; and this week's Autoblog Podcast. Those are the top headlines for Thursday, February 19, 2015.

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    Vegas police arrest suspect in road-rage killing of mother

    A suspect was arrested Thursday in the killing of a Las Vegas mother of four who was gunned down a week ago in a road-rage shootout after giving her daughter a driving lesson, police said.

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    A123 suing Apple over poaching engineers to build batteries
    Battery Company Claims Ex-Workers Violating Noncompete Agreements 1424372400

    Battery maker A123 Systems is suing Apple for aggressively poaching key staff in violation of their nondisclosure and noncompete agreements.

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    Car Club USA: Car Club USA: Club Loose
    Autoblog Heads To Englishtown For a Crash Course in Drifting Culture 1424365200

    Car Club USA travels to Englishtown Raceway Park to document a wild Friday Night Drift Party at Club Loose. We hear how Club Loose co-founder Matt Petty brought drifting to the northeast U.S. from Japan decades ago, and how this small New Jersey car club has produced international drifting ...

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 2.18.15

    The US Postal Service needs new vehicles; Rolls-Royce is working on an SUV; Mercedes is creating an SL that commemorates the 1955 Mille Miglia. Those are the big stories for Wednesday, Feb. 18. 2015.

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    Video: Vegas mom and son searched for vehicle before fatal shooting

    A Las Vegas mother of four killed in a road rage shooting last week got in her car with her adult son and his gun and drove around their neighborhood looking for the assailant who ended up shooting her in a residential cul-de-sac, police said Tuesday.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 2.17.15

    We drive the 2015 Caterham Seven 620 R; The cars that offer the most horsepower per dollar are examined; There's a new episode of The List. Those are the top automotive headlines for Tuesday, February 17, 2015.

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    The List: The List #0684: Drive a Pro-2 truck
    The List Heads To Red Bull Frozen Rush For Some Extreme Winter Driving 1424195100

    In this episode of The List, our hosts head to Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, ME to take in Red Bull Frozen Rush. Never one to be a spectator, Jessi hops into an off-road race truck to fulfill her dream of piloting a Pro-2, as Patrick learns what it takes to tend the snowy course in a gigantic ...

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 2.16.15

    We pick our favorites from the Chicago Auto Show; GMC Canyon Denali spied; Dodge offering Shaker hood pack for Challenger. Those are the top automotive headlines for Monday, February 16, 2015.

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    2016 Honda Pilot is brand's first non-hybrid with stop-start
    Fuel Economy Remains Unknown, But This Tech Can't Hurt 1423922580

    The 2016 Honda Pilot SUV will be the first time the Japanese automakers will use fuel-saving stop-start technology in a non-hybrid vehicle.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 2.12.15

    The Chicago Auto Show may have dominated the world of automotive news today, but there's plenty more to interest enthusiasts, like confirmation of a production Chevy Bolt and a teaser of the next Honda Ridgeline.

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    Tesla stock drops 8.4 percent in premarket trading
    Following 2014 Financial Results, Investors Take A Step Back 1423753200

    Because of shipping delays and a strong dollar, TSLA stock dropped $17.80 in premarket trading today.

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    Video: Angry mother tackles suspect after police chase

    A suspect fleeing Dallas police yesterday afternoon learned a lesson in constructive violence from an angry mama he won't soon forget.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 2.11.15

    Check out a real, working hoverboard on video, a new police vehicle from Ford and the brand-new seven-seat BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer. All that and more in the recap of auto news from Wednesday, February 11, 2015.

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    Video: Fires, deaths continue after Jeep fuel tank recall

    Fiat Chrysler, which makes Jeeps, recalled 1.56 million of them in June 2013 under pressure from U.S. safety regulators. But only 12 percent of the SUVs have been repaired in the 18 months since the recall, a much slower pace than usual.

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    Translogic: Translogic 170: Hendo Hoverboard
    Attention Marty McFly, Your Hoverboard Has Finally Arrived 1423674000

    The Hendo Hoverboard uses magnets to repel about an inch above a conductive surface, and we got the chance to ride it and to glimpse the future of board sports.

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    U-Turn: What you missed on 2.9.15

    We test drive the Volkswagen e-Golf; a vintage Ferrari sells for big bucks at auction; Jaguars and Land Rovers will grab the spotlight in the new Bond film. Those are the big stories for Monday, February 9, 2015.


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