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    Lotus F1 Team Breaks World Record For Longest Truck Jump
    Truck jumped 83 feet, 7 inches over a F1 racer 1416844860

    Lotus F1 wasn't content to just make any commercial for their technology partner EMC Industries. It had to be one for the record books. The video released today shows a truck breaking the world record for longest jump ever completed by a truck.

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    Thanksgiving Getaway: 46.3 Million To Hit The Road
    Low gas prices means more families are traveling for the holidays 1416499740

    There is good news for Thanksgiving travelers: the price of gas is at five-year lows. The bad news: a lot more people will be driving.

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    Minivans Do Poorly In Crash Tests
    Several minivans earn poor rating on small overlap front crash test 1416494580

    The Honda Odyssey was the only minivan to earn the highest safety rating in new crash tests by the insurance industry.

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    Tightest Parallel Parking Spot Now A Record 8 Centimeters
    Chinese stunt driver shaved 0.6 cm off of the previous world record 1416424860

    A Chinese driver squeaked into the world record books by earning the title of tightest parallel parking job last week.

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    U.S. Regulators Demand Global Recall Of Defective Airbag Vehicles
    Millions of car contain potentially faulty driver's side air bag inflators across the U.S 1416414060

    A showdown is looming between U.S. safety regulators and a Japanese company that makes air bags linked to multiple deaths and injuries.

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    GM Compensation Expert Extends Claims Deadline
    Deadline has been extended until Jan. 31, 2015 1416255240

    The deadline for victims of crashes caused by faulty General Motors ignition switches has been extended for a month as the death toll rose to 33.

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    Armored Car CEO Sits In SUV While Shot At With AK-47
    Company outfits cars with bullet-proof windshields and more 1415977740

    This CEO is so confident his product will protect buyers from gunfire he will literally stand behind it.

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    Cheap Gas Prices To Persist Into 2015, Feds Say
    U.S. consumers could save $61 billion on gas this year 1415908200

    In a dramatic shift from previous forecasts, the Energy Department predicted Wednesday that the average price of gasoline in the U.S. will be $2.94 a gallon in 2015. That is a 44-cent drop from an outlook issued just a month ago.

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    Ford Gets The Aluminum F-150 Ready For Prime Time
    In 2014, one out of every three vehicles Ford sold in the U.S. was an F-Series pickup 1415802600

    Ford is using aluminum almost exclusively in body of the 2015 version of its best-selling F-150 pickup, which starts arriving at dealerships next month.

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    Senator Angry Over Latest General Motors Ignition-Switch Revelations
    Blumenthal says GM continues to conceal information 1415801220

    Following fresh revelations that General Motors has continued to conceal information related to its ongoing safety crisis, a leading US Senator has called the company's conduct "outrageous" and called for more hearings on Capitol Hill.

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    Drivers Who Didn't Stop For Donald Duck In Crosswalk Upset Over Tickets
    Drivers claim confusion and intimidation when ticketed 1415646480

    Some New Jersey motorists are angry after being issued tickets for failing to yield to a duck in a crosswalk last week. To be fair, the duck was nearly six-and-a-half feet tall.

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    GPS In Risky Borrower's Car Helps Police Find Abducted Woman
    GPS device used to locate cars when risky borrowers miss payments 1415379960

    A woman snatched off the streets was rescued with the help of a GPS tracking device that had been installed on the suspect's car by the dealer in case it needed to be repossessed, authorities said Thursday.

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    Dashcam Video Captures Scary Road Block In New Jersey
    Motorist thought odd Turnpike stop might be robbery or carjacking 1415293980

    What first appeared as a potential robbery set-up along the New Jersey Turnpike earlier this month turned out to be two stranded motorists' not-so-brilliant call for help.

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    Drivers Who Text Know The Risks, Do It Anyway
    Nearly everyone agrees that texting and driving is dangerous 1415207400

    Nearly everyone agrees that texting and driving is dangerous. Most people do it anyway.

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    Audi Recalling Nearly 102,000 Cars To Fix Air Bags
    The recall covers certain cars from the 2013 through 2015 model years 1415205360

    Audi is recalling nearly 102,000 luxury cars in the U.S. because the front air bags may not inflate in a crash.

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    Transparent Cars Could Make Driving Safer, More Enjoyable
    Japanese researchers create a see-through car 1415195400

    Researchers in Japan have built a car that gives drivers a 360-view of the world around them. The system isn't just for safety, it makes driving cooler, too.

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    Nearly Half Of Recalled GM Vehicles Still Not Fixed
    Another motorist may have died last month as a result of ignition-switch defect 1415111160

    Eight months later, nearly half of all vehicles recalled by General Motors for faulty ignition switches have yet to be fixed.

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    Electric-Car Drivers Trading Gas For Solar Power
    Advocates say driving for free makes expensive initinal investment worthwhile 1415106900

    Owners of electric vehicles have already gone gas-free. Now, a growing number are powering their cars with sunlight.

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    Hyundai And Kia To Pay US $100M For Overstating MPG
    Largest penalty for violation of Clean Air Act in U.S. history 1415030100

    Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia will pay the U.S. government a $100 million penalty to end a two-year investigation into overstated gas mileage claims on about one-third of their models.


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