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2013 Bentley Continental GTC V8

Despite having a rich history of creating comfortable cars for the chauffeured elite, Bentley has also had an edge on performance that its former compadres at Rolls-Royce could not come close to. Because while the Rollers may have been the better cars to be driven in (and some would argue, they still are), the Bentleys were better to drive. That's still true to this day, where the company, now situated under the umbrella of the Volkswagen Group, still offers all the same luxury and refinement as before, but it also includes even better drivability than before. Nowhere is this more evide... Read More

Vital Stats

Twin-Turbo 4.0L V8
500 HP / 487 LB-FT
8-Speed Auto
Base Price:
As-Tested Price:
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    Bentley Continental GTC
    Spy Shots: Bentley Continental GTC getting inevitable facelift

    Following the launch of the refreshed 2012 Continental GT coupe, Bentley is prepping the inevitable droptop GTC variant, which our spies have just caught testing on the Nürburgring. As you'd expect, the Conti GTC benefits from a Mulsanne-inspired front fascia, as well as some slightly updated taillamps. Inside, a new dash will be on hand, as well ...

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    Bentley Continental GTC
    Spy Shots: Inevitable Bentley Continental GTC Supersports spotted

    Really, it was only a matter of time before spy photos of the Bentley Continental GTC Supersports made the rounds. After all, there was never any doubt that the German-owned maker of high-end luxury cars would eventually cut the top off its latest sportster -- in this case powered by the most powerful production version of the automaker's 6.0-liter W12 ...

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    Bentley Continental GTC
    Spy Shots: Bentley Continental GTC Speed

    Some new cars are predictable; others catch us by surprise. This one we could see from a mile away, and not just because it's enormous. But after Bentley rolled out Speed versions of the Continental GT coupe (which we've sampled) and Flying Spur sedan, it was only a matter of time before the same treatment would be applied to the GTC convertible variant. ...

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    Bentley Continental GTC
    Bentley shoots for the 10k mark with updated Conti

    "Don't mess with success" seems to be the motto over at Bentley, as the premium automaker prepares some mild revisions to the Continental range, the GT version of which has been on the market unchanged for three years running. As we reported earlier, the revisions to the Continental GT, GTC and Flying Spur will be minimal. Updated bumpers front and rear ...

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