Aston MartinVirage

Aston Martin Virage

We Bond With Gaydon's Gorgeous Tweener "You need to get in touch with Steven Ewing right away," said the instant message. It was from Autoblog editor-in-chief John Neff, and since fleet manager Ewing was online, I pinged him. "Hey, are you available to grab an Aston Martin Virage for the weekend?" he asked. "There's one in New York." Before answering, a flurry of thoughts raced through my head. Did I have plans this weekend? How much would I really get to drive the car? I don't usually go in

Current Models
2012 Aston Martin Virage
MSRP: $208,295 - $222,895
2011 Aston Martin Virage
MSRP: $208,295 - $223,295
2012 Aston Martin Virage
$132,900 / 6,709 miles / CT
2012 Aston Martin Virage
$149,900 / 4,100 miles / PA
1185 Amboy Ave Edison, 8837 3.4 miles
Rahway Import Auto Sales
1710 W Elizabeth Ave Linden, 7036 4.3 miles
Metro Honda
911 Middlesex Ave Metuchen, 8840 4.8 miles