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MIT website examines moral dilemmas facing driverless cars.

The little crossover boasts 228 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque.

And we're ugly crying.

Warning: may cause dustiness to increase in front of computer screen.

Regulators delayed BMW diesel certification last year.

BMW, whose diesel-certification efforts were delayed last year, is getting ready to make diesel-powered cars and SUVs bound for America.

New tech, better handling says BMW.

BMW is addressing some of the 4 Series' handling imperfections at facelift time.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. has already overtaken LG Chem production.

China's CATL surpasses LG Chem in li-ion battery production, and BYD, Panasonic, and Tesla could be next.

Chevy's EV model is starting to work its way down the East Coast.

The Chevrolet Bolt will be offered for order in 18 states by May, with Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia among the next to have access to the model.

US and Canadian firms seek compensation for owners after EPA issues violation notice.

The suits claim deception, losses, damages.

That's pretty quick, and this series is getting interesting.

The possibility of levies on Mexican-made products appears to have spooked many automakers.

It also transcends the ‘Fusion coupe’ jabs.

The V6 is dead and the overall theme of the restyle is "1968 all over again".

No matter how big your vehicle is, slow down for snow.

The Mustang nobody wants to talk about.

A rare factory V8-equipped Mustang II, found in a Denver wrecking yard prior to some hot-rodder grabbing the front suspension.

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