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Easter egg first asks if you want your Mommy.

The latest Tesla Easter egg has arrived in an over-the-air-update and decreases zero-to-sixty time for Model S and Model X P100D owners.


Auto market shows no progress towards CAFE goal.

Fuel-efficiency average doesn't budge from 2015 or 2104 level, as more trucks sales offset higher plug-in vehicle demand.


Paramedics were treating a patient in the back.

Police are still looking for the suspect.


The car in these photos appears to be a high-riding version of the Panamera sedan.


Partner OSVehicle makes the Tabby EV base.

Renault says it's the first mass-market automaker to make its electric-vehicle technology open-sourced.


Learn how to change a squeaky belt on this episode of Wrenched.


The AP report comes on the heels of the arrest of a VW exec in Florida, and a proposed plea deal with the US government.


American automakers offset some of impact of lower Prius sales.

Plug-in vehicle sales for 2016 jumped about 27 percent as offerings from Tesla, General Motors, and Ford boost demand.


Will it really get a Hellcat engine?

Everyone wants to know what's under the hood.


Here's everything we saw at NAIAS 2017. And there was a lot to see.


A man charged with attempted murder led Los Angeles police on a strange and erratic chase along the 405 freeway earlier this week.


At Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Bowmanville, Ontario.

The full track at Calabogie gave us the opportunity to really press the Mustang's advantages on the longer track.


Manual transmission, crazed Yamaha V6, four doors.

With its 220 Yamaha horses and a 5-speed manual transmission, the Taurus SHO was quite a performance machine by 1989 standards.

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