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A Lamborghini Murcielago was destroyed in Taiwan, SET News streamed the destruction live.

Engine problems can happen slowly or suddenly.

Instead of hiding the new DB11 Volante, Aston Martin headed to the Arctic Circle in an undisguised car with a "DB11 – Opening Spring 2018" sign on each door.

Uber and Volvo have turned a number of XC90s into self-driving SUVs in the City by the Bay. It's an extension of the program the two companies tested in Pittsburgh earlier this year.

Podcasts from the year 2035 explore how transit could change our lives.

Check out EcoReco's "personal EV for all." Norway hits a major EV milestone. We can't wait for the 2035 Cheesesteak Derby.

Its death sentance was being imported illegally.

No part of the car was left untouched.

The EV world has a new long distance champion.

Come take a look at the new IT EV.

Leno gives Tyson a ride in his custom built, turbine-powered EcoJet.

Here's how to fix your leaky tire.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick also joins President's Strategic and Policy Forum.

Musk, critical of the fossil fuel industry, will have Trump's ear.

Because the Fiesta ST needs a little competition.

Look for influence from Toyota Gazoo Racing's WRC Yaris rally racer.

Every gearhead has a story about the one that got away.

What's the last time you checked the tread on your tires?

Help wanted.

VW hopes the switch to English will make it easier to hire away top talent from other countries.

A tow truck driver in Tennessee took his life in his own hands this week when he used his tow truck to stop a wrong way driver.

We've waited for 15 years already for the Microbus to appear.

Neither snow nor rain nor burning mail trucks...

The postman who saved Christmas.

It's what the car says, anyway.

Anyone remember when automakers actually tried to hide their new products?

Like, uh, literally.

When you're this low to the ground, everything looks different.

The Caddy that zigged... right into the junkyard.

This rear-wheel-drive, European-built luxury sedan was supposed to woo younger (than octogenarians) car buyers to the Cadillac brand.

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