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Cars are intricate machines with thousands of individual parts.

AMG's boss tells us the GT R roadster is being considered.

Tobias Moers, head AMG honcho, dangles a sure thing and a tantalizing possibility.

That bulge in the hood is likely concealing a big supercharger.

We expect the ZR1 to be the most powerful production vehicle ever from Chevrolet.

GKN Driveline supplies eAxle for BMW X1 plug-in hybrid.

New RFS requirements aren't going to please the oil industry. Seattle cuts emissions with XL Hybrids retrofits. BMW's Chinese X1 PHEV uses GKN Driveline's eAxle AWD technology.

As Mario said, brakes aren't for slowing the car down.

If you're going karting, don't do what this driver did.

'Datathon' is part of a broader effort that includes funding, charging corridors.

Tuesday's "Electric Vehicle Datathon" gives the outgoing president another chance to tout plug-in vehicle technology.

The tumultuous marriage of two megalithic industries is a true horror story.

That's a solid guess based on info we got from Mercedes.

According to a Mercedes representative, the price differences will be similar, so we can give a rough estimate.

Looks like the new range could be 160 miles or so.

Updates, updates, updates.

No word if pelicans were sighted in Wolfsburg.

The crash didn't result in anything more than a bruised ego.

Ice, snow, and rally cars. We like.

The Forza series has been a pioneer for in-game weather, but Blizzard Mountain tackles something previous titles never messed with.

And those headlights are clearly inspired by the Mk IV Supra's.

Monthly updates will then follow in 2017.

Keep your connection open.

The 718 Boxster is in line to get electrified, as well.

The company hopes its first EV will be a huge hit.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas mints another one-two at the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as well as a new World Champion.

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