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This step-by-step guide will outline how to change the light bulb (or bulbs) in your vehicle’s trunk or cargo area when your current bulb has failed.

Finding an inexpensive DVD player for your vehicle is easy if you know where to look.

If the fuel meter on your auto has stopped measuring fuel levels it is most likely broken.

EV advocacy coalition ChargEVC forms in NJ following gas tax hike.

FE works with Buenos Aires on new venue for 2018. Mercedes to sell stationary energy storage in the US. EV group forms following NJ tax hike.

With either car, you're getting supercharged V8 power.

Another sale will happen after Thanksgiving with new productions going on a flash sale.

A fan clutch is designed with a temperature sensitive spring that is used to control the engaging and disengaging of the fan depending on the temperature of your engine.

The German automaker says to expect more over the next five years.

More electric vehicles are coming soon, and so is autonomy.

Ford's new party car is imminent.

The updated car should be similar in size but better equipped than ever before.

The new Nissan Note is the latest hybrid using a gas powered generator. Except the Note cannot be plugged in.

Sinister Diesel The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system is designed to lower combustion temperatures and reduce oxides of nitrogen emissions (NOx).

Todd Katz says nobody could have possibly believed he was Elon Musk when he pretended to be Elon Musk.

What's goofier, Katz's email or the request to have the suit thrown out?

What could be better than the 277 911 and Fugu Z sharing the same road?

Two big-time car guys drive two classic, naturally aspirated rides on a gorgeous mountain road.

Audi's pocket-rocket sedan gets some good tech updates and remains in a class by itself.

The evolution of sensors and monitoring equipment has enhanced over the past 10 years.

Driving is like sex (and how I spent my day at the orgy).

A humorous, "first time on a racetrack", first-person account

Whether you're buying a new car or building a hot rod in your garage, two factors come into play when determining engine performance: horsepower and torque.

It involves touch sensors, so you may want to stock up on Windex.

Have we grown out of wanting flying cars yet? Well, maybe it's finally time that we should.

We were split on the design, but pretty much everyone agreed on this crossover's practicality.

Drive the wrong way, and prepare to be bombarded by alerts.

Pairing a front-facing camera with navigation data could make wrong-way drivers a thing of the past.

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