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One potential design for the next-gen Th!nk City

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Bugatti Veyron Bleu Centenaire – Click above for high-res gallery

Ford plans to use the Leipzig Motor Show to unveil a new version of the super popular Mondeo capable of running on gasoline, ethanol or liquified petroleum gas. As a flex-fuel car, a computer can detect what concentrations of gas or ethanol are pumped into the tank and can adjust the engine's operation accordingly. The tri-fuel-capable car will use a 2.0L Duratec four cylinder engine that puts out 145 horsepower on either gasoline or ethanol or 141 horses on LPG.

This past September, Trust Co. LTD – the parent company of GReddy Performance Products in the U.S. – declared the Japanese equivalent of Chapter 11. According to a release from the aftermarket parts supplier, Trust has successfully completed the reorganization process (known in Japan as Minji-Saisei-Hou) and is hoping to be completely back on its feet within the next few months. During the reorganization, both Trust and GReddy have maintained its workforce here and abroad, developed

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been researching where the bottlenecks are inside lithium-ion batteries that limit charging and discharging rates, and they've learned some interesting things. Lithium iron phosphate chemistry is particularly promising in terms of high charge and discharge rates. Researchers found that some new processes for manufacturing the lithium phosphate coating on lithium iron phosphate crystals could provide better access to the lithium ions,

Top Gear US has struck again with their latest installment in the Project Sipster saga, and this one's a doosey. The TG crew is taking an early '80s VW Rabbit diesel apart and replacing the engine and transmission with newer and more powerful units. We're pretty sure that there's plenty more planned for the oil-burner than just an engine swap, so we'll be following closely over the coming weeks.

BMW has been active in the development of hydrogen as an automotive fuel for many years but they have taken a distinctly different path from virtually every other automaker. Instead of fuel cells, BMW has stuck to internal combustion engines and, rather than compressed gas, it has used liquified hydrogen. The problem with the former is that gasoline and hydrogen have very different combustion characteristics and engines designed primarily for gasoline operation lose a lot of power and efficiency

Cadillac Insignia - Rendered (poorly) by Autoblog

MINI Airstream concepts – Click above for high-res gallery

Electric cars have been with us since the very beginning of the automobile age and from that time until now, its most important component has been the battery. It stores energy chemically until it is needed to create the electricity that powers a vehicle's motor. There have been different types of batteries over the years but none have had the practicality or popularity of the very first rechargeable one, the lead-acid battery.

2009 Volkswagen GTI - Click above for a high-res gallery

2008 saw the biggest drop ever in CO2 emissions from new vehicles sold in the UK, with a year over year reduction of 4.2 percent. Wtih a fleetwide average of just 158 g/km, cars amount to just 11.5 percent of total UK carbon dioxide emissions. The combination of rapid escalation in fuel prices in 2008 and congestion charges in cities like London undoubtedly pushed many car buyers to some of the low emissions specials like the VW Polo BlueMotion, Smart ForTwo CDi and Ford Fiesta ecoNetic. Automa

General Motors announced today that it's taking a pass on $2 billion in loans that were previously requested last year for the month of March. The automaker cites "company-wide cost reduction efforts as well as pro-active deferrals of spending previously anticipated in January and February" as the reasons for why it's withdrawing the request for money. GM advised the President's Task Force on the Auto Industry of the development this week and revealed the news today at the bottom of a press rele

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