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There has been a longstanding tradition among car rental agencies to push renters up to bigger, more expensive models. Not that it was all that difficult to do, considering that Americans tend to prefer larger vehicles when all other aspects are equal. Now, though, not all of those aspects are equal, as bigger vehicles are usually thirstier vehicles and the renter is required to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas. So, the act of stepping up to a Hemi-powered Dodge Charger from a four-ban

The deadline for automakers to comment on the latest CAFE standard proposal is today, and at least one manufacturer has decided to speak up. BMW is calling the fuel efficiency standards it would be required to meet 'unattainable.' As you may be aware, the latest proposal takes into account the overall footprint of the vehicle, and manufacturers which sell large vehicles won't be required to meet the same goals as those which produce smaller vehicles. While that's great for manufacturers with tru

Just a day after Nissan's formal announcement that it plans to campaign a race-prepped R35 GT-R in the Tokachi 24-hour race, GTR-World has procured a few pics of the coupe undergoing its transformation. The GT-R appears to be getting aligned at the NISMO Omori factory (about 60 miles from Tokyo), equipped with a full roll cage and a set of the same Volk TE37s originally spied on a mystery mule back in December. As with any competition car, weight reduction is high on the priority list, so NISMO

Prince Charles is not new to the environmental debate. His blue, 38-year-old Aston Martin, however, has had nothing to do with being environmentally friendly. Until now. The car, a gift from the Queen on Charles' 21st birthday, has joined the growing fleet of cars that run on bioethanol, having been converted to run on surplus British wine.

When we write posts for AutoblogGreen, we pretty much assume that our readers know at least a little bit about the green car world. But we're the minority - I mean, only 20 percent of the people even know about hybrid powertrains, according to one recent study - and sometimes it can be difficult to explain just what it is you're trying to drive down the road if you're going to what some might see as the extremes.

Sales of Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehciles are down a scary 36 percent year over year, which means even the somewhat interesting marketing gimmick of the $2.99 gas guarantee isn't working very well. Unfortunately, gas for just under $3 is all Chrysler, LLC had up its sleeve this summer, as the Pentastar has extended the deal through July 31. We'd reported earlier that only 5-10 percent of all Chrysler product buyers were opting for the seemingly attractive promotion, which leads us to believe

With five hybrid models on the market now and at least four more coming before the end of the year, General Motors' hybrid sales are looking less ugly than they did in the first three months of 2008. GM is still no threat to Toyota or even Ford, but sales have been steady (if slow) for the last couple of months. For the first time in their monthly sales report for June, GM has explicitly said how many hybrids were sold. Amidst truck sales that were down 39 percent compared to June 2007, GM decla

Back in April, we applauded General Motors and its decision to eke some more fuel economy from its high-volume compact car, the Chevrolet Cobalt. Along with the 9-percent increase in fuel mileage, the new model got a shiny new XFE (eXtra Fuel Economy) badge in the process. Pontiac is now offering an XFE version of the G5, which shares most major components with the Cobalt. We're happy to report that next year's Cobalt and G5 XFE manage to gain yet another mile per gallon on the highway, up to th

You're going to be reading in the mainstream press about how horrible sales were in the U.S. during June, 2008. Yes, they were bad for many automakers, but consider that there were only 24 selling days last month versus 27 days in June, 2007. This makes comparing raw sales numbers misleading, since there were three fewer days to sell. Thus, as always, all the percentages below represent the change in Daily Sales Rate, i.e. the average number of vehicles sold per day, not the change in raw number

I've been getting a lot of mail regarding using synthetic motor oil in vehicles. Questions such as: Should I use synthetic oil? Does it work better in some cars than others? Does it cost more? Do I have to change the oil more frequently? Less frequently? Does it make my engine last longer? First of all, let's take a brief look at the history of synthetic motor oil and its introduction to the marke

If you're looking to get into an all-electric truck soon - and don't mind doing a bit of work - then eBay has got the Ford Ranger EV for you. The current bid on the 1998 truck is $4,000, but the reserve isn't met and there are over six days left. If you think that price if a bit low, the seller's vehicle description explains why: "The battery pack on this truck is depleted and the truck does not run. It was running perfectly until June 26th, 2008 when the battery pack wore out."

Cars.com has updated its American Made Index, and the list has flip-flopped some models right off, while others have hopped onto the top ten. Cars.com uses the parts origin information from the window sticker, along with the location the vehicle is manufacture at and sales numbers to determine which vehicles have the most US-based content. Ford's F150 and Explorer are the chocolate wafer to the rest of the list's cream filling, sandwiching everyone else between their respective #1 and #10 rankin

Look quickly, and you'll miss the changes, but GM's got some subtle exterior tweaks in store for its Heavy Duty trucks in 2010. Development doesn't stop even though the practice of using a pickup truck as a commuter car is no longer popular, so GM is plugging away at a new Silverado to avoid being passed up by its competitors.

No one could ever accuse Shai Agassi, the man behind electric-car infrastructure company Project Better Place, of not being ambitious. He has been all over the planet making deals with major car makers and various countries. His American discussions have been somewhat more modest though with a city here, and an island-state there. No longer.

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Ford is expected to take advantage of this month's British Motor Show in London to debut an ECOnetic version of the new Fiesta sub-compact. ECOnetic is Ford's branding for special low CO2 versions of its different vehicles. In the case of the Fiesta ECOnetic, that means a 1.6L TDCi turbodiesel under the hood cranking out 89hp. Helping the Fiesta minimize its fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions will be a modified low-drag nose, side skirts, rear spoiler and wheels. Most of the grille will be

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