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2012 Acura TL SH-AWD

Acura's Best Is Still Tough To Beat Acura has been a bit of an enigma of late. Honda's premium marque has endured its share of struggles, with new entries like the ZDX and more established models like the RL falling short of buyers' expectations. Even the mighty TL, which has been Acura's top-selling sedan for years, has seen better days. At the height of its popularity in 2005, Acura moved 78,218 copies of its mainstream luxury sled, putting the TL behind only the BMW 3 Series and Lexus ES in luxury car sales. But then two things happened to turn the TL's world upside-down. First,... Read More

Vital Stats

3.7L V6
305 HP / 273 LB-FT
6-Speed Manual
$42,885 as tested
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    Acura TL
    Spy Shots: Acura TLX caught naked in production guise, can you spot the differences?

    Acura doesn't tend to do concept cars these days that don't foreshadow a specific upcoming production model. The ZDX prototype of 2010 previewed the production version, as did the ILX and RLX showcars of 2012 and the MDX of 2013. The NSX concept is on its way to production, as the SUV-X concept is likely to do as well in the coming years. So when Acura ...

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    Acura TL
    Spy Shots: Next Acura TL getting rhinoplasty?

    When it comes to Acura's corporate schnoz, you likely fall into one of two camps: you either loathe the chrome nose or you really loathe the chrome nose. There doesn't seem to be much in between. So to address its derisive looks, Acura appears to be tweaking the front end of the TL for the 2011 model year. While it's highly doubtful that Acura is going ...

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    Acura TL
    Spy Shots: 2009 Acura TL in the buff

    Click above for more shots of the 2009 Acura TL.The 2009 Acura TL has been spied enough times to rival the Chevrolet Camaro and Nissan GT-R, and even though Acura has already released a teaser of the TL ahead of its official launch, the overly airbrushed glamour shot doesn't accurately reflect what the TL will look like in the flesh.Our new friend Dariusz ...

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    Acura TL
    Spy Shots: Even better pics of the new '09 Acura TL

    Click image above for additional pics of the 2009 Acura TLWe just showed you some spy pics of the 2009 Acura TL yesterday, but when one automotive photog saw the lo-res cellphone pics we ran, he knew he could do better. Our buddy Rich Truesdell of Automotive Traveler sent over a small patch of pics that he shot of the new mid-level Acura in action out in ...

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    Acura TL
    Spy Shots: 2009 Acura TL continues triangular theme

    Acura is in the midst of a major restyling of its entire range of sedans. While we've already seen the new TSX and RL (though an even newer RL has been spied), it's the TL that is the bread-and-butter model of the line. From what has been seen already, we're expecting a version of the blocky metal triangle at the front of the model, though the latest spy ...

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    Acura TL
    Spy Shots: 2009 Acura TL

    Acura is in the middle of a total makeover, and while we've already seen the RL and TSX, the Japanese automaker's bread and butter TL has been out of the spotlight, until now. Spy photographers have snapped up a couple shots of the 2009 TL sans the requisite crazy patterns and without most bras, leaving some poorly fit panels to throw us off. Up front, the ...

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    Acura TL
    Spy Shots: Mystery Acura sedan

    Acura's non-CUV lineup has been rather quiet lately while the Japanese, German, and American competition have been steadily adding new and refreshed models to their lineup. Judging by these spy shots in the California desert, that's all about to change. The folks over at KGP Photography caught a mystery Acura sedan testing in the middle of the night, and ...

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