First Drive

Effortless economy | 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel First Drive

It's been a few years since we saw a diesel version of the Chevrolet Cruze. It's back now, and customers can again find their way into a new turbodiesel without stretching into the premium segment. While the Cruze Diesel was away, Volkswagen has had its hands full with its emissions scandal, meaning the Chevy enters a landscape tilted in its favor. Its new diesel engine goes into a car with which we're already familiar, and while it won't change the handling, a new powertrain in an already…
Its impressive fuel economy figures are a breeze to achieve.
First Drive

A brief taste of Korea's latest dish | 2018 Hyundai Kona

Disclaimer: We were limited to a short 10-minute drive at Hyundai's research and development facility in Namyang, about a 90-minute drive from the South Korean Capital of Seoul. The closed loop didn't provide much in the way of road variation, and we reached a blistering top speed of 45 mph with all of three opportunities to use the brakes. The Kona we drove was a Korean-spec model. Suspension and steering tuning will be adjusted for the US, though we couldn't get a clear answer on what sort…
The future looks promising.

For thousands of US auto workers, the downturn is already here

LORDSTOWN, Ohio - Wall Street is fretting that the auto industry is heading for a downturn, but for thousands of workers at General Motors factories in the United States, the hard times are already here. Matt Streb, 36, was one of 1,200 workers laid off on Jan. 20 - inauguration day for President Donald Trump - when GM canceled the third shift at its Lordstown small-car factory here. Sales of the Chevrolet Cruze sedan, the only vehicle the plant makes, have nosedived as consumers switch to…
First Drive

Desirable at last | 2018 Toyota Camry, Camry Hybrid First Drive

Toyota's designers and engineers come across like happy dogs that have finally been allowed to run around the backyard after staring at it forlornly through the screen door. The squirrel they've missed out on menacing, however, has been creating cars that people might actually desire to behold, drive, and own. "We wanted to go beyond the dependable Camry we've had all these years," said Chief Engineer Masato Katsumata. In this case, "dependable" is quite clearly loaded to also equal "dull" and…
This time around, the Camry will be more deserving of its popularity.
Spy Shots

2018 Nissan Leaf spied with hardly any camouflage

We're getting close to the full reveal of the Nissan Leaf, since Nissan itself released a teaser for the car. But thanks to one of our spy photographers, we're getting our best look yet at the next-generation electric hatch. This prototype was out testing with nothing more than a vinyl wrap, and it reveals that the new Leaf will be much more conventional-looking. Up at the front, the biggest change is the addition of a faux grille flanked by horizontally-oriented headlights. This look is a…
The Leaf evolves into a more conventional car.

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What is the money factor mean when leasing a new car

When it's time to negotiate a lease on new car, few items appear quite as mysterious as the money factor. It probably won't appear on your lease contract, and there's a good chance your salesperson may not even know what it is, but understanding the…
When it's time to negotiate a lease on new car, few items appear quite as mysterious as the money factor.

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Latest News

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Mazda3 five-door vs. Mazda CX-3

As a talking point, it won't rival North Korea, world hunger or Mideast peace, but the ongoing tug between car and crossover continues to resonate in the hallways and parking lots around Autoblog HQ.
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Hybrid sedans compared: Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry

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