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Subaru testing a BRZ with STI badging and a big wing

Pretty much since the introduction of the Subaru BRZ and its identical Toyota- (or Scion-) badged twin, enthusiasts have been pining for a more powerful version, preferably with an STI badge and all the performance tweaks that come with it. So far though, Subaru has only shown a turbocharged concept that's now a couple of years old, as well as a Japan-only BRZ tS by STI, which only had suspension and handling upgrades. But now, spy photos show Subaru is working on another STI-badged BRZ, and…
There's no evidence of forced induction, though.

Dodge Demon priced at $84,995, or almost 20 grand more than a Hellcat

Ridiculousness has a price, and it is $84,995. That is the admission fee for the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, or as most people call it: The Demon. The number includes a $1,700 gas guzzler tax and $1,095 destination fee. It does not include a number of options, may of which cost a dollar. Of those $1 options, a front passenger seat and rear seats are but two. Which is more of a reminder that, yes, Dodge will sell you car with only one seat if you want it that way. The other big $1 option…

Autoblog's UPSHIFT expands with Techstars Mobility Demo Day

Autoblog's second UPSHIFT conference, which gathers innovators and thought leaders from Detroit, Silicon Valley, and around the world for a day of presentations, panels, tech demos, and networking, returns to Detroit on Thursday, October 19. Last year's UPSHIFT focused on the future of mobility, with speakers that included Dan Gilbert (founder and chairman, Quicken Loans and Rock Ventures), Bret Greenstein (vice president, IBM Watson Internet of Things), and Karl Iagnemma (CEO, nuTonomy). This…
Mark your calendars for October 18-19 in the Motor City.
Long Term

2017 Audi A4 Prestige is round 2 of our long-term test

The first of our long-term Audi sampler platter, a Glacier White metallic 2017 A4 Premium Plus, has already departed from the fleet. Replacing that mid-grade model is a range-topping 2017 Audi A4 Prestige wrapped in a beautiful shade of Moonlight Blue metallic paint. At first glance, aside from the color, not much appears to be different between the two models. Here's what's changed. What we got The Prestige trim starts at $46,850 and sits atop the A4 range. The only way to go up is to step…
This new model replaced a 2017 Audi A4 Premium Plus

Dirt 4 lets you virtually race in the FIA World Rallycross series

Dirt 4 is coming to electronics stores this June, and it's bringing along the FIA World Rallycross series. And from the looks of it, it should be a blast. Developer Codemasters released its latest trailer, which features cars from the series, and it appears to have all the bumping and sliding the sport is known for. The representation of the rally racers should be highly accurate, too. In the trailer you can spot various real World Rallycross cars with correct, detailed paint schemes. And,…
You're faster than virtual Ken Block, right?

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5 Tips For A Safe and Fun Road Trip

Apple pie and baseball games are not the only things that define America. Road trips have always been a source of excitement for all Americans. Throughout the years people have always associated road trips to an escapism from reality or a new start.…
Apple pie and baseball games are not the only things that define America. Road trips have always been a source of excitement for all Americans. Throughout the years people have always associated road trips to an escapism from reality or a new start. Es

Latest News

Latest News

  • 11 hrs ago

    Couple unknowingly drive 14 miles with drunk guy passed out on trunk lid

  • 11 hrs ago

    Uber says it underpaid NYC drivers for years

  • 11 hrs ago

    Jaguar's V8-powered XE looks to take aim at the BMW M3

  • 12 hrs ago

    See California's massive Highway 1 landslide in this aerial video

  • 13 hrs ago

    Video: Biker gets cut off on L.A. freeway, lands on car that keeps driving

  • 15 hrs ago

    Workhorse might make consumer version of the W-15 plug-in hybrid pickup

  • 15 hrs ago

    Feds sue Fiat Chrysler, accuse it of cheating on diesel emissions

  • 16 hrs ago

    Americans trust tech companies more than automakers on self-driving cars

  • 16 hrs ago

    Roger Moore dies at 89; a look back at his automotive moments

  • 17 hrs ago

    Michigan installing technology on I-75 to let vehicles and road talk to each other

  • 18 hrs ago

    BMW Z4 testing at Nurburgring, retains manual transmission

  • 19 hrs ago

    French Dieselgate fraud probe says VW gained $26B by cheating

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Sell your own: 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

Plymouth actually arrived to the ponycar segment on time, with its launch of the Valiant-based Barracuda almost on top of Ford's Mustang.
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Sell your own: 2002 Lincoln LS V8

We'll focus on a Ford collaboration that did work: Jaguar's S-Type, whose platform was shared with the Lincoln LS.


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