We know Harry Metcalfe loves a good Porsche 911. After all, he's shown off his personal 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo and 993 GT2 replica in previous videos. However, he can't seem to muster so much passion for the forced induction engine in the 2016 911 Carrera S. The chassis impresses him, but in Metcalfe's latest clip, he explains why he's not a huge fan of the new powerplant.

Before any actual driving, Metcalfe takes a thorough walk around the new car where he goes to the unusual trouble of using a magnet to show which parts are steel and which are aluminum. Remember, though, this is a 911. So, this latest refreshed model, just like all previous remodels, isn't all that aesthetically different from the previous version. So, Metcalfe's real focus here is on how it drives. He comes away with mixed impressions.

Metcalfe loves the 2016 911's handling, especially the directness from the rear-wheel steering, but he isn't in love with the new engine. At least with the seven-speed manual, he complains of turbo lag below 3,000 rpm. He also misses the direct throttle response from the previous naturally aspirated unit and doesn't think the turbocharged mill's fuel economy is very impressive.

Take a ride with Metcalfe to get the full experience and intriguing take about the biggest change in more than a decade for the iconic 911. If you can't get enough Porsche-flavored goodness, click here for our own First Drive report on the quintessential sportscar.

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