Originally, a brougham was a type of horse-drawn carriage, named after Lord Brougham in Scotland, and evolved into the name for an automobile with a separate enclosed cabin for the passengers. By the 1960s, though, the term had come into use as a name for luxury option packages added to Detroit cars.

The pinnacle of the Brougham Era in the United States was the mid-to-late 1970s, when Broughams made by GM, Chrysler, Ford, and AMC roamed the land, slathered with fanciful heraldic crests and the finest Simu-Leather™ offered by the petrochemical industry.

Nissan offered a Cedric Brougham well into the current century, but they were one of the last Brougham holdouts in the world. You could get a Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance as late as 1992, but the United States entered a decline of Broughamism from which it has yet to recover.

So, if Detroit were to bring back the Brougham today, what car most deserves the honor?

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