x2 bmw crossover spy photo spied
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spied x2 cuv bmw spied bus
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fascia headlights bmw x2 leds
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x2 bmw profile action camouflage
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x2 bmw crossover spied camouflage
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camouflage spied crossover bmw x2
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Generally, automakers really hate spy photos. They go to great lengths to disguise their cars, while engineers will do their damnedest to get away from spy shooters (or, you know, they just give them the bird). BMW, though, just doesn't seem to care about spies.

That's the only reason to explain why our spy photographers were able to capture yet another X2 crossover undergoing testing on the sunny, autumnal German roads. Judging by the number plates, this is a different vehicle than the last couple of X2s we've spied, although it's camouflaged almost identically to last month's X2. This car does appear to have larger, sportier wheels than that blue prototype, although the similar bumpers has us thinking it's merely an optional wheel rather than the an M Sport model.

Beyond that, though, there's not a lot to differentiate this X2 from previous sightings. Our spies continue to report that the X2 will echo the powertrain/drivetrain arrangement of the upcoming X1. It'll ride on that car's front-drive architecture, although like the X1, all-wheel drive will be optional in Europe and standard here in the US. The engine lineup, meanwhile, should include turbocharged triples, fours, and sixes, in both gas and diesel varieties. Here in the US, we'd expect the 28i and its 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder, at the very least. Considering the lifestyle angle of the X2, a more powerful 35i model would likely be a natural here in the US, but that's just conjecture.

Have a look at the spy shots up at the top of the page.

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