Mini is continuing to update its models onto its latest UKL front-wheel-drive platform that it shares with parent BMW. Here, our spies caught an early glimpse of the next-gen Countryman testing on the new chassis.

Like the rest of the updated Mini lineup, the latest Countryman doesn't exactly show a huge shift in styling from the current version. The front end appears to be slightly more blunt, and the headlights have a redesigned shape. However, behind the A-pillar the differences seem to be pretty subtle. At the rear, the new Countryman also looks to adopt the brand's rounded rectangle taillights protruding into the hatch like on the standard Cooper Hardtop range. While not shown here, our spies claim that Mini is also aiming for a roomier interior for the upcoming crossover so that it can be more competitive in its class.

At least for now, the Countryman is going to be the largest vehicle in the Mini range, according to an earlier statement from chief designer Anders Warming. The CUV is rumored to debut around 2016 with some assembly possibly done at Mini's plant in the Netherlands. Until then, have a look at these spy shots and tell us what you think.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Months Ago

      I'm putting MINI on deathwatch in car years. I give em' another decade at best.

        • 7 Months Ago

        Their sales have only been skyrocketing... soo maybe adjust your deathwatch to about 50 years at best?

      • 8 Months Ago

      If I know Mini, that car is about to get bigger, heavier and uglier. 

      • 8 Months Ago

      Mini has really lost its way. 

      • 8 Months Ago

      Wow that is really looking a lot like a Fiat Panda.

        • 8 Months Ago

        Only is a completely different class, price point, size, speed, target market, look, shape, capability... and has absolutely nothing to do with Fiat Panda.

      • 8 Months Ago
      From a quick glance i thought it was a land rover...well lowered at least. 
      Rick Burns
      • 8 Months Ago

      The exterior looks much improved.  It appears to have a better stance & fill of the wheel openings.  Competitive pricing and improved dynamics will be key.  I am looking for a compact AWD hatch with a manual.  It may make the list.

      Daniel Bissell
      • 8 Months Ago

      Sweet. My 2 year old Countryman just went back up in value.

      • 7 Months Ago

      This Countryman looks more planted, less "tippy," than the current model. It makes me wonder, even more, what exactly defines a "crossover"? This looks simply like a (larger) hatchback.