Tesla and China United Network Communications Corp. are working on something big. Like 400 public chargers in 120 cities big. These are not going to be Supercharger fast chargers that the California automaker is installing across the US and Europe, but don't worry, the two companies are going to install 20 Superchargers there. As with the Supercharger network, Tesla EV drivers will be able to juice up their cars for free at the 400 stations and the new Superchargers.

The deal will work like this, according to Bloomberg: Tesla supplies the charging station parts and China Unicom provides the land. Laying the groundwork for easier electric vehicle charging is important, since Model S EVs are already selling well in China and CEO Elon Musk has said that the company expects sales there to reach the same level as in the US perhaps by 2015. Tesla and all plug-in vehicle sellers will benefit if China's plan to invest $16 billion on more charging stations comes to fruition.

China Unicom is the second-biggest mobile phone company in China, which may help explain why TSLA stock jumped to a record high after the announcement and is climbing again today. As of this writing, the stock is just over $283, up $13.55 (5.02 percent) from last week.

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      This is incredibly good news for Tesla. But this is just the beginning of the all out assault on China's car pollution problem. Tesla is going to be THE largest foreign beneficiary of this move. Even BMW can't compete anytime soon and no one else is close to a luxury EV with significant (intra-city) range. In the meantime Tesla will become a synonym for a desirable EV. The $400 target and recommended buy is more likely the reason for the big stock price gain today. Frankly, the reasons the analysts changed their views is worthy of its own article, IMO. They said fundamentals don't matter, at least they are out a few years, in so far as affecting the stock price negatively. LOTS of comments on that I bet....
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        I do not think that moving the tailpipe to a different location is the solution to China's pollution problems. Neither is an 85k plus electric vehicle to those who earn 125 dollars a month.
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        I agree.... on any given week there is enough TSLA news that no 'one thing' can be credited for a big move up or down. I hate it when articles insinuate that a stock moved "as xxx happened" to make people think that a single event had much to do with it. The truth is that most analysts have only a modestly better chance of predicting stock price targets than by pure chance... and that is only because most stock do behave according to fundamentals which are common in those particular industries. The true trick is understanding how Tesla does completely disrupt the standard model in both the Tech and Automotive industries,... and THAT is why TSLA does not behave in a predictable manner which could be described by the common analysis of either Tech or Auto companies. The EV market has things in common with both... but also fundamental differences to both. Prediction is not really feasible here. And pure analysis of 'fundamentals' (which may have served analysts well in other companies) is reduced to the accuracy of pure chance. So at this point, analysts resort to articles that are only sensational to sell clicks, or to influence the stock itself by influencing investors. ... i.e. No Value to investors, other than manipulation.
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