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We've seen all manner of marriage proposals over the years, but our favorites, of course, revolve around cars. One guy proposed to his girlfriend at a traffic stop, another during an autocross event, while yet another got dozens of Mazda MX-5 owners together to spell "Marry Me?" in Miatas. This latest proposal, however, put the M in Marriage as only a BMW enthusiast could.

While visiting BMW Welt in Munich, Bachir from Lebanon rolled out in a new blue M3 and got down on one knee in front of the gathered crowds to pop the question to Layal, his girlfriend of one year.

We'll let you watch the clip for yourself to see how it went, but suffice it to say that she was delighted. The couple plan to drive to the church in a procession of M cars for what promises to be a high-octane ceremony in their home country.

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      • 10 Months Ago

      It's a nice day for a douche wedding...

        • 10 Months Ago

        And no scumbags invited, sorry pal you're outta luck.

      • 10 Months Ago

      Good for them and best of wishes.

      • 10 Months Ago


      Todd Manus
      • 10 Months Ago

      In the immortal words of Borat "Very Nice!!"

      • 10 Months Ago

      The Ultimate Yak Herding Machine

      Pj Taintz
      • 10 Months Ago

      not even the first time this happened there. I was there in 08 when the place opened and someone did it. I was there in august of 08, cant recall specific dates.

      cool either way, and getting your BMW from BMW welt looks to be an awesome experience

      • 10 Months Ago

      Uber cool, have long and wonderful life together!