If you ask a lot of driving enthusiasts, they'll tell you that speed bumps are annoying across the board. Most community organizations, however, would argue the opposite. And as with so many other things, the most effective and mutually tolerable path lies somewhere in the middle. But that middle ground is a big area. Some speed bumps are more tolerable – or more effective – than others, but striking a balance between safely slowing down vehicles and not rattling them into an early repair shop visit can sometimes be tough.
This 41-second video appears to favor one side of the aforementioned balance pretty distinctly over the other. It depicts a set of five speed bumps to slow any traffic down to an absolute crawl... and a bouncing one at that. Though we don't know exactly where it was shot, it appears to have emerged from Florida. (The mail truck tells us it's in the United States, the absence of front plates narrows it down to one of 19 states, the weather and vegetation hint at the southeast and that truck in the first frame seems to belong to a landscaping company in Palm Bay, FL.) Wherever these humps were installed though, it strikes us as the local community going a little overboard.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      Ricky G
      • 5 Months Ago

      Speed bumps THAT ridiculous came straight from the home owners association.  Know how you fix it?  Lay on the horn as you are forced to drive over them.  If everyone did this we could end the craziness.

        • 4 Months Ago
        @Ricky G

        Remember, this is Florida.  Do you want to be shot at for honking your horn?

        • 5 Months Ago
        @Ricky G

        That is a fantastic idea! One that I will employ if I ever encounter any sort of this ridiculous madness.

      William David Larkin
      • 5 Months Ago

      I'd go to Home Depot and put some cement in between those bumps.

        • 5 Months Ago
        @William David Larkin

        you don't event need to go that far, a little dirt between the humps will suffice 

          Jim R
          • 5 Months Ago

          Dirt's a hell of a lot less permanent than Quik-Crete.

          • 5 Months Ago

          Cement needs to dry, dirt doesn't.

      Jim R
      • 5 Months Ago

      If I saw that in my way, I'd just turn around and go back.  There's nothing on the other side of that mess that I need to see.

      • 5 Months Ago

      This looks like a condo development. The condo management team must have a collective IQ of 10. 

        • 4 Months Ago

        I work as a property manager and sometimes you are forced to do as the Board wishes ( regardless of the stupidity). 

      • 5 Months Ago

      What goes around comes around. Glad I don't live on that block. Probably One person complained everybody has to pay for it.

      This Guy ...
      • 5 Months Ago

      OMG, how is this legal? ...

        • 5 Months Ago
        @This Guy ...

        Gated community means private property, not public roadway. Not illegal but they open themselves for claims on the damage vehicles are sustaining from them. 

          LBJ's Love Child
          • 5 Months Ago

          ...not to mention the damage claims/death liability of a bicyclist who might hit them.

      Alex Ellsworth
      • 5 Months Ago
      Here's my proposed rule: speed bumps should be designed so that they're not bothersome unless you're going over the posted (presumably low) speed. You shouldn't have to slow to a stop and creep over them or endure jouncing/scraping.
        • 5 Months Ago
        @Alex Ellsworth

        Such things exist Sir. They sense your speed and only "pop-up" if you are going XX miles over the posted speed limit. Otherwise its flat as the rest of the road.

      • 5 Months Ago
      Curb, grass, anything is better than driving over those things...
      Matt Driscoll
      • 5 Months Ago

      This is practically right around the corner from my house and yes, it's as bad as it looks. My mother actually lived in that apartment complex (Malabar Lakes). They had people cutting through the complex so they put these in.

        • 5 Months Ago *Edited*
        @Matt Driscoll

        I can understand their reasoning, but at that point they need to bite the more expensive bullet and put a restricted access gate there and give everyone a proxy card or something. Hell, maybe even just eliminate the other entrance so people can't use it as a shortcut anymore.
        This, on the other hand, is a really CHEAP way of solving the problem, and it makes things worse for EVERYONE. If I lived there, I'd rather lose an entrance and have to drive the extra 60 seconds around to the other side of the complex to get in, than to have to drive over those things every time. Screw that.

      Karter Wilkening
      • 5 Months Ago

      How do emergency vehicles drive on that? Imagine being a patient in an ambulance having to go over that...

      Michelle Neff
      • 5 Months Ago

      Those are not speed bums they are a roadway hazard, Im a plumber and I would refuse to drive over those with my service truck it costs 400.00 to get a four wheel alignment done on it.

      • 5 Months Ago
      How about some footage of young busty babes in bikinis driving over these?
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