Ford hybrid customers apparently have very short memories. With two EPA fuel economy reratings in the last year, sales of the C-Max, Fusion Hybrid and Lincoln MKZ haven't been too terribly dented, Ward's Auto reports.

All three vehicles saw sales dips following the August 2013 rerating, although sales of the MKZ Hybrid had begun to rebound as early as November of that year. C-Max sales, meanwhile, took slightly longer, with sales on a steadily improving course as early as February of this year.

The second rerating, in June of this year, has had an even smaller effect on the Blue Oval's hybrids. The C-Max has actually been subject to a sales increase, while both the MKZ and Fusion saw minor sales drops (less than 400 units between the two in the month following the rerating).

That seems to be peanuts according to Ford spokesman Aaron Miller, who told Ward's the company hasn't really seen a negative downturn.

Part of this, Miller claims, is due to Ford's goodwill payments to owners of affected vehicles, which ranged from $325 to $550 in the first case and $150 to $1,050 in the second case, depending on whether the customer leased or financed their vehicle.

"Our marketing team reported that current owners of those (affected) vehicles did not become dissatisfied," Miller told Ward's Auto. "I believe that the goodwill payments made to our customers helped a lot."

Ford's hybrid sales are actually up 2.5 percent through July, which is below the industry average of 2.9 percent. All things considered, though, that's certainly not as bad as it could be.

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      "Short memories" of buyers (re: grossly-overstated MPG figures), indeed. Not to mention buying from the company that began selling their poorly-engineered "PowerShift" trans and "MyFordTouch" before fully developing them. Well, at least Ford spent a few more pennies on their ignition switches, evidently.

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      comments disappearing when edited /sigh
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      Just a thought. All manufacturers should just use cruise contol at 40MPH and then 60MPH in a mostly straight line across the salt flats with a single gallon of recommended octane fuel / gas to determine MPG. You cant make a mistake if you use actual distance and the same amount of gas every time.

      Revis Goodworth
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      First, Honduhblog has not disclosed in this article that they have sold out to Honduh.

      Second, in an article about hybrids, it seems odd that in the commentary leading to the republish of the seminal article that Honduh blog has to slam Ford buyers by saying they have short memories.  

      Third, Honduhblog does not state or disclose that NO COMPANY has had as much FRAUD about EPA Mileage Ratings for HYBRIDS as has Honduh.   And even after three months of a disclosure, Honduhblog has not reported on the massive fraud of the new Honduh Accord hybrid which has consistently failed to make EPA mileage within 8 mpgs in the real world!

      Fourth, no company has been sued more often than Honduh over false mpg claims with class action lawsuits being the rule of the day against the company.

      Honduhblog may think that it can bury the news by not reporting it, but there are those of us who watch Honduh and Toyoduh like hawks and we are ready to keep the truth out in the open.