Today's the day, Ford fans. Production has officially commenced on the sixth-generation 2015 Mustang at the company's Flat Rock, MI factory. As production ramps up, sales should kick off in the coming months.

The production news isn't just a big deal for American fans. With the new Mustang getting a bespoke right-hand-drive variant, the pony car's worldwide availability has swollen to include 120 different countries, including its home nation.

"Mustang is and will continue to be an automotive icon," Joe Hinrichs, Ford's president of the Americas, said in a statement. "Expanding its availability globally affords our customers around the world the opportunity to have a true firsthand Mustang experience – one unlike any other."

Ford's Flat Rock facility has built the Mustang since the fifth-generation car debuted in 2005. For the 2015 model, the facility was subject to a massive $555-million investment that saw it add a new flexible body shop among other enhancements. Alongside the Mustang, Ford also builds its Fusion sedan.

"What an honor it is for the hardworking and dedicated UAW Local 3000 workers of Flat Rock Assembly Plant to build the next-generation Mustang," Jimmy Settles, a UAW vice president, said. "I don't think there is any place in the world where this vehicle is not known. To build it right here in Michigan is something to be proud of."

Take a look below for the full press release from Ford, and then check out the gallery of the new Mustang rolling down the production line.
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2015 Mustang starts production at Ford's Flat Rock Assembly Plant; car to be exported globally for the first time in its 50-year history

New Mustang goes on sale this fall in the United States, and in more than 120 countries next year
Mustang sets new performance and dynamics benchmarks for the brand with world-class handling, more precise steering control and enhanced ride comfort

The highly anticipated, all-new Ford Mustang rolls off the line today at Flat Rock Assembly Plant, marking production of the sixth-generation pony car. For the first time in its 50-year history, Mustang will be available globally to customers in more than 120 countries around the world.

The addition of a right-hand-drive Mustang to Ford's global vehicle lineup will allow the iconic pony car to be exported to more than 25 right-hand-drive markets around the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

"Mustang is and will continue to be an automotive icon," said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of The Americas. "Expanding its availability globally affords our customers around the world the opportunity to have a true firsthand Mustang experience – one unlike any other."

In April, Ford celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original Mustang. In commemoration of this, each 2015 model will be adorned with a badge on the instrument panel that includes the galloping pony logo and the words "Mustang – Since 1964."

Mustang's impact goes well beyond the more than 9.2 million cars sold in its 50 years of continuous production. It has made thousands of appearances in film, television, music and video games, and is the most-liked vehicle on Facebook, with close to 8 million likes.

An enhanced experience, but still a true Mustang
The way Mustang looks, drives and sounds is key to the visceral experience that makes drivers want to get in and hit the open road. The clean-sheet design of both Mustang fastback and convertible evokes the essential character of the brand, retaining key design elements – including the long sculpted hood and short rear deck – in a contemporary execution.

With more options to choose from, there is a Mustang to fit any lifestyle. The upgraded V8 is joined by a 3.7-liter V6 and an all-new 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engine that brings state-of-the-art technology to Mustang.

Mustang GT continues with the latest edition of the throaty 5.0-liter V8 – now featuring upgraded valvetrain, new intake manifold and improved cylinder heads – that yields 435 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque.

The Mustang 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine uses direct injection, variable cam timing and a twin-scroll turbocharger to deliver the performance Mustang drivers expect with an output of 310 horsepower and 320 lb.-ft. of torque.

With Mustang, it's all in the ride
When life throws drivers a curve, the all-new Mustang sets new handling benchmarks for the brand, delivering world-class dynamics and ride quality.

Mustang features all-new front and rear suspension systems. At the front, a new perimeter subframe helps to stiffen the structure while reducing mass, providing a better foundation for more predictable wheel control that benefits handling, steering and ride.

At the rear is an all-new integral-link independent suspension. Geometry, springs, dampers and bushings are all specially tuned for this high-performance application. New aluminum rear knuckles help reduce unsprung mass for improved ride and handling.

Transformed Flat Rock Assembly Plant
In 2013, nine years after moving Mustang production there, Flat Rock Assembly Plant celebrated the 1 millionth Mustang built at the facility.

"What an honor it is for the hardworking and dedicated UAW Local 3000 workers of Flat Rock Assembly Plant to build the next-generation Mustang," said UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles. "I don't think there is any place in the world where this vehicle is not known. To build it right here in Michigan is something to be proud of."

In the last year, the plant has been transformed. As part of a $555 million investment, it has added a state-of-the-art, fully flexible body shop to allow multiple models to be produced on the same line, supporting Ford's flexible manufacturing efforts. Other technologies recently incorporated at Flat Rock include three-wet paint process, dirt detection and laser brazing.

In addition to Mustang, Flat Rock Assembly Plant also produces Ford Fusion. The facility has approximately 3,000 employees working two shifts at full line speed.

Flat Rock Assembly Plant has been producing vehicles since 1987, when it opened as Mazda Motor Manufacturing USA and built Mazda MX-6. Ford purchased a 50 percent share in the facility in 1992, and it was renamed AutoAlliance International. Over the years, the plant has produced Mazda 626, Mazda6, Mercury Cougar and Ford Probe.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 1 Year Ago

      that rear end and IRS looks pretty stout. 

      • 1 Year Ago

      Eagerly waiting for the reviews!

      Required Reading
      • 1 Year Ago

      I own 3 mustangs. Excited to see how this one stacks up and if one of the special editions tempt me to spend my coin.

      • 1 Year Ago

      TYPO: Second paragraph, "The production news isn't just a *bit* deal for American fans". *big

      • 1 Year Ago

      I can't wait to get the yellow 2.3 EcoBoost!

      • 1 Year Ago

      One of these sure would look good next to my 01 Bullitt. But then again the new Mustang would look good next to anything!

      • 1 Year Ago

      Holy huge exhaust system, Batman!

        • 1 Year Ago

        Looks pretty normal to me.  Not sure which engine that is (definitely not the 4-cyl), but having a true dual exhaust with an X-pipe is always good for V engines.

          • 1 Year Ago
          That huge center box is not normal, but it also might not be as heavy as it looks. Hard to tell until someone starts digging into them. My 2012 GT just has a simple "H" connector between the two. The "X" pipe is great for top end power, but reportedly puts a slight penalty on low-end.
      • 1 Year Ago

      The factory wanted to kill the Mustang in the mid 70s and the dealers protested and told them to restyle it more like the original and thankfully the factory listened. The rest is history!

      • 1 Year Ago

      This car is on my list - looking to get a GT coupe with a 6 MT in silver but not until perhaps the 3rd or 4th year of production (2017 ~ 2018 model year).

      Just have to tell myself to be patient....

      • 1 Year Ago

      As a former fox-body owner, I wish Ford would make a smaller/lighter Mustang (or something along the same lines called something else). Make it 8-10 inches shorter, a bit narrower and drop a few hundred pounds.  The new car is well designed, but is huge in comparison.

      • 1 Year Ago

      Dude is building a car in shorts? American plants always amaze me at how the workers are dressed when compared to those elsewhere around the globe. 

        • 1 Year Ago

        Well, here in the good old US of A, we displayed our resolve to fight against the spread of the Brown Shirts back in the 1940s, you know, those countries / political forces that demanded conformance to massive socialist requirements, including those lovely brown uniforms. Do you really think it is the clothing of the worker that determines the quality of their work? And, to take your observation a little further, should that female working on the same vehicle be clad in a more appropriate pleated wool skirt, about six inches below the knee? What does she think she's doing wearing jeans and a tee shirt?

      • 1 Year Ago

      The introduction of this car has been so drawn out I wouldn't be surprised if we see photos of the next generation test mules on the road before we see production versions.

        • 1 Year Ago

        it only feels drawn out because it's such an iconic car.   most cars people just don't give a crap about them until they show up on the showroom floor. 

          • 1 Year Ago
          The resemblance to a vehicle you meet on a daily basis for two years already makes the whole teasing thing a bit less exciting. (Regardless of how good any of those two are.)
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