The Veyron is nearing the end of its production run, at the end of which Bugatti will have built only 450 examples. Of those, only 150 will be roadsters, and of those roadsters, even fewer will be the Vitesse version that combines the best attributes of the Grand Sport and Super Sport models. And with a virtually endless array of color choices, no two ever need be alike (safe for the Legend editions, each of which Bugatti will only build three examples). Yet certain examples have received extra-special treatments, and that's just what we have here.
Called the L'Or Style edition, this Vitesse roadster features a similar treatment to the L'Or Blanc edition, but in red and black instead of blue and white. Which is all well and fine, but what we're really interested in here is how it's being delivered. Because while it may seem like Bugatti's created another "one of a kind" Veyron every other day, it's not every day that you see how the logistics of delivering a $3 million supercar are handled.

Fortunately, the Symbolic Motors group that includes in its portfolio the Bugatti San Diego franchise and which handled the sale of this particular Veyron, captured the delivery process on video. We'll let you watch for yourself to see just how painstaking the process (even just that part caught on video) is - complete with wood-floored transporter truck, intake-perforated protective wrap and wheel spoke guards - but suffice it to say it's a bit more coddling than your average dealership delivery.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 1 Year Ago

      Don't unwrap it you'll let out the ugly.

      • 1 Year Ago

      I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble. I work at a VW dealership and the treatment this car is getting is no different from that which a Touareg or a CC receives. Or, really any vehicle that is shipped across the ocean from any of the VW names.

      A Touareg, a CC, a GTI, a Golf... They all come wrapped and cushioned with the wheels covered to protect from scrapes. The only difference is that the carrier has a wooden floor instead of steel.

      Echelon Bob
      • 1 Year Ago

      I live just up the street from Symbolic's SD warehouse.  I'll be looking out for this distinct color scheme Veyron on the road.

      • 1 Year Ago

      So?  Every Audi is delivered with the same wrap, so are most Porsches, VW CCs, Tiguans, Eos, Touaregs, and some Golfs/ GTIs.  I take them off everyday at work.

      • 1 Year Ago

      Did I hear it SCRAPE at 3:11??????

      • 1 Year Ago

      Looks like a junior high school kid's idea of a cool paint job

      • 1 Year Ago

      That chrome trailer should be banned of the road and driver punished heavily. It's basically a mirror!

      Imagine approaching this in the middle of the night. You can get scared and drive of the road thinking another vehicle is about to hit you. Or glared by your own headlights. And during the day, the sun will glare other drivers constantly.

      It deserves a fine, it's just as dangerous as having a vehicle covered with spikes.

      Andre Neves
      • 1 Year Ago

      Car has become obnoxious.  The Hummer H2 of the supercar world.  Just kill it already.

      • 1 Year Ago

      All together now: WHO CARES, AUTOBLOG?! We're SO over the f'ng Veyron!

        • 1 Year Ago

        then why do you click it?!

        • 1 Year Ago

        Amen. The Veyron is like the cockroach of the car world.

      • 1 Year Ago

      Rappers and Sheiks rejoice! 

        • 1 Year Ago

        Said the white guy who probably drive the blandest car on the road.

      • 1 Year Ago

      holy shit is that ugly.

      • 1 Year Ago

      Wow, all these negative comments. This is THE best looking veyron i've seen.

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