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  • Aug 20th 2014 at 12:32PM
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Eastern Europe. Dashcams. They go together like vodka and more vodka. In today's installment, we have what is arguably one of the most remarkable crashes we've ever witnessed.

A car, in what may be Belarus, attempts to change lanes right at the unfortunate moment that a motorcyclist – who looks to be traveling way too fast – does the same. While the impact could have been far, far worse for all parties involved, the results are still enough to leave you wondering how the heck it happened like it did.

Take a look and see what we mean – we recommend fast-forwarding to 1:30.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      Ryan Schneider
      • 11 Months Ago

      Motorcyclist cut off?  Give me a break.  How about "Squid Gets Really Lucky."

      I ride, too, but to think that the driver in that video was at fault in any way for the motorcyclist who was CLEARLY traveling at a ridiculous rate of speed compared to traffic has nobody to blame but himself.

      You want to ride like that?  Take it to the track.

        • 11 Months Ago
        @Ryan Schneider

        I'm also a long time rider and I agree... the motorcyclist was 100% at fault. VERY lucky he got away with his life on that one!

        • 11 Months Ago
        @Ryan Schneider

        Seriously, what fool wrote this headline? This is a driving-related site so, presumably, writers here would know the difference between "cutting someone off" and "getting rear-ended by a speeding imbecile." 

        • 11 Months Ago
        @Ryan Schneider

        "motorcyclist cut off" gets more eyes and that is all they care about. 

        • 11 Months Ago
        @Ryan Schneider

        Completely agree with you. This was just too infuriating to watch. I feel bad for the rider but he had it coming.

      • 11 Months Ago

      Going double the speed of the rest of the traffic..dumb A&#

      • 11 Months Ago

      Man I need to get me a dash cam. I'm gonna need some proof if I ever witness something that damn awesome, cause nobody will ever believe me if I just tell them I seen it happen.

      • 11 Months Ago

      that is one hell of a landing wow!

      • 11 Months Ago

      "And his scores are 10, 10 10, but only 8.5 from the Russian judge."

      He should buy a lottery ticket.

        • 11 Months Ago

        it is usually the French judge that gives the low score unless bribed by the Russians

      • 11 Months Ago

      Ta Daaa!

      • 11 Months Ago

      are you EFFING kidding me? 

      I'm skeptical but it's plausible. WOW! Gotta rewatch that one again! Pretty insane!

      • 11 Months Ago

      I am a daily rider. That was 100% the motorcycle riders fault. Too fast and trying to cut between; he didn't even have enough time to react to the indicator. That and passing someone on the right to begin with. Darwin will continue after this guy I believe.   

      • 11 Months Ago


      Now he only has 8 lives left.

        • 11 Months Ago

        LOL Great minds think alike I guess!!

        Just FYI, Only cats have 9 lives... 

        Spiders do have 8 legs though.. so close.

      • 11 Months Ago

      This was amazing

      • 11 Months Ago

      best stunt rider ever :) next time back flip!

      • 11 Months Ago

      Don't they usually have a bear doing that trick?

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