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We like the 24 Hours of Le Mans just fine. With the world's manufacturers in attendance and a varied field of classes and cars circling a high-speed circuit that's partially hewn from public roads, the appeal of the crown jewel of endurance racing is obvious. But, if you're tired of all the Le Mans love, there is another 24-hour race that is arguably more exciting and more extreme – we're talking the Nürburgring.

While the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans featured a 54-car field, the 2014 Nürburgring 24 grid consisted of 165 cars (like Le Mans, each team has three to four drivers). Then there are the tracks themselves – the Circuit de la Sarthe is a relatively flat, 38-turn, 8.46-mile circuit that's famous for its high speeds, while the N24 runs on the much longer, twister Nordschleife and GP courses. Also, the fans at the N24 are utterly mad. Evo Australia said the Ring's fans make the rowdiest spectators at the legendarily wild Bathurst 1000 look like "a church picnic" (when the Aussies praise your partying, you're doing something right).

There's a lot more that makes the N24 one of the world's most fascinating races, although we simply don't have room for it here (that Evo list can fill in more blanks). Still, by now, you should be a big fan of Germany's answer to Le Mans. Unfortunately, you're going to be left waiting a bit, as the 2015 race is still about nine months away. Whittle away at least a tiny portion of that time by checking out this truly amazing video, shot at this year's race. There's plenty of beautiful slow-motion and time-lapse videography at work, but it should do a good job of helping you understand the madness that is the Nürburgring 24 (and it will make you want to roast a pig in an engine bay).

Take a look.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Months Ago
      Love the cars, the pageantry, the one guy in a man-kini thong doing a beer bong.
      Exclusive Hire
      • 9 Months Ago

      One of the most unique and spectacular event.

      From Bentley car hire London

      • 9 Months Ago

      Stunning photography, but far too many quick cuts. It's like Chavez fell in love with every image he took and couldn't edit any out.  Next time, allow at least 6 seconds of each shot.  A little poetic narration wouldn't hurt, either.

        DC Chavez
        • 9 Months Ago

        Jaybird- We all look forward to seeing your video you are going to produce from this race- 6 second cuts and all... With such great feedback, you must be a working Director, right?

        • 9 Months Ago

        Yeah some of the quick cuts felt a little unnecessary.  Slow motion is nice here and there but the internet seems to be getting full of 100% slow videos ever since twixtor came out.

        The main problem with the N24 is it's so difficult to televise a race with a track that long.  You can only have cameras in so many places, and with such limited manufacturers involved the appeal isn't broad enough to get a wide audience.  I love the race itself, I just wish it were economically viable to make more mainstream.

      • 9 Months Ago

      Bucket list

      • 9 Months Ago

      Driving The full "Behemoth" must be quite the experience.  Just getting through one lap in Gran Turismo is hard enough, couldn't imagine doing that in real life for hours on end.

      • 9 Months Ago

      "although we simply don't have room for it here"

      Really? It's not like this is a printed magazine, you have all the room you need. Maybe you simply didn't want to copy/paste a list from another publication or you couldn't come up with something of your own. Laziness in both cases, and I love this race and its cars.

      • 9 Months Ago

      Awesome !!! this info regarding the 24 hour Nürburgring racing is great. Finding something different from Le Mans is good to know. And the 165 cars count gonna increase the thrill of racing. Auto Trans rocks..!!!