Most people don't have two, open spots in their garage to fit a practical daily driver and a fire-breathing performance car for the weekends. That's what makes vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf R and BMW M235i just about perfect for the average person. Both of these Germans can lope around as a commuter 90 percent of the time and be perfectly comfortable. However, when you want to walk in the door with a big smile on your face, you can take the back roads home and get a real thrill from them.

In his latest short video, Chris Harris from Drive drives these surprisingly comparable German performance cars. Both of them offer buyers in the neighborhood of 300 horsepower, with the BMW winning out with 320 hp. However, the Golf R gets standard all-wheel drive, which is an option on the M235i. Harris has quite positive things to say about these Europeans, but you're going to have to watch the video to hear just what he thinks.

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      • 11 Months Ago

      Well that was a shit video.....where is the Golf R being pitted against the M235i?

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      • 11 Months Ago

      /Drive has become /Unwatched

      • 11 Months Ago

      I was told there would be a battle?

      Turns out it is just some guy driving and talking for a few minutes with about 3 seconds of fun in each car.

        • 11 Months Ago

        That's because the full video isn't what you were shown.

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      Unsubscribed aswell

      • 11 Months Ago

      those teaser videos made the decision easy: unsubscribed

      • 11 Months Ago

      crappy advertisement for a video.

      James Dailey
      • 11 Months Ago

      He doesn't mention price.  Here in the US, the Golf-R will be ~$36K and the M235i will be closer to $50K.  For some people that doesn't matter, but for me it totally changes the equation.  It's remarkable that the two are that close in performance and yet that different in price.

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      Just unsubscribed. 

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      AB. Do you even watch the video before making an article around it?

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      so hard to choose i love them both

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