"This is a car that most brands would never bring to market." – Tim Kuniskis

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis had reason to be confident, perhaps even a bit cocky at the reveal of his brand's newest halo car, the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. As he said simply, it's the "quickest, fastest and most powerful sedan in the world."

It's a bold statement, and the numbers back him up. By now they're familiar: the Charger Hellcat packs a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 with 707 horsepower. It has a top speed of 204 miles per hour and run the quarter mile on radial tires in just 10.8 seconds.

That's serious performance, and as the covers were about to come off the Charger Hellcat, Kuniskis rubbed it in a little bit. "This is a car that most brands would never bring to market," he said.

Ouch. But for now, he's right, and Dodge's natural rivals from Detroit, Ford and Chevy, have little to compare with the Charger Hellcat.
To find any real competition, you have to look at some of the world's most expensive luxury automakers. Even in that context the Charger Hellcat is by far the most powerful sedan in the world, eclipsing the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG, which punches out 621 horsepower from a V12. Though, If you want to be technical, the über S-Class, with 738 pound-feet of torque, does easily eclipse the Hellcat's more 'modest' 650 lb-ft.

Then again, the Benz starts at $222,925. That's more than three times as much as the Charger will likely cost. Kuniskis wouldn't announce pricing for the Dodge, which goes on sale early next year, but for a reference point, the Challenger Hellcat starts at $60,990, including destination fees.

The Bentley Flying Spur has 616 hp from a W12 engine, and it makes customers "apply" to see the price, which is around $200,000.

The Charger Hellcat outclasses some of the most exotic cars in the world based on output.

It's not just Benz, the Charger puts other Germans to shame, power-wise. The Porsche Panamera Turbo S generates 570 hp, and the BMW M5/M6 Gran Coupe and Audi RS7 all push out 560 hp from V8 mills. The British fare no better. The Aston Martin Rapide S is rated at 550 hp from a V12, and the Jaguar XFR-S and XJR models have 550 hp from their V8s.

The Cadillac CTS-V is likely the most credible American competitor to the Hellcat, and it makes 556 hp with its V8. Pricing starts at $65,825, roughly inline with the Hellcat's likely sticker.

The Charger Hellcat, and its two-door Challenger sibling, also outclasses some of the most exotic coupes in the world based on output. The Hellcats have more power than three of the five main cars in Ferrari's lineup. They also have power roughly equal to the 'base' Lamborghini Aventador, and around 100 hp more than the Huracán, when conversions are figured.

Now, for a bit of perspective. The Hellcats are spectacular vehicles, which we noted in our first drive of the Challenger. But no one really is going to cross-shop a Charger with an S-Class. While these cars have impressive straight-line capability thanks to their prodigious outputs, their size, weight and handling make them less-than-ideal for the track.

Dodge also didn't electronically limit the top speed of the Charger Hellcat, and it compares favorably with several other exotics. The 204-mph limit is as fast as the car can go based on power and aerodynamics, the company said. The M5's top speed is 155 mph, the S65's top speed is 186 mph and the Flying Spur's is 200 mph.

So why do this? Why put so much power under the hood of Dodges? Quite simply: it's all about attention. Kuniskis noted that Dodge was the top-searched car brand on Google in July. Think the Challenger Hellcat has something to do with it? Wanna bet the Charger Hellcat is going to keep that going?

That's what Kuniskis is betting on, anyway. At the reveal event, he pointed to the super Charger and summed it all up: "The conversation is changing about the brand because of things like this."

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Months Ago *Edited*
      Can I just say that it looks fantastic in white?  Thanks, Dodge Marketing, for not going with the all-too-easy red for the press photos.
        • 4 Months Ago

        Agreed.  I felt like if I saw another red Corvette Stingray, I was going to go all Elvis on my computer screen.

        Kevin Potts
        • 4 Months Ago

        White hot hellcat.

        • 4 Months Ago

        White looks a little stark.  Something tells me a gunmetal grey with camel interior would be amazing.

        • 4 Months Ago

        I could not agree more. When something other than a Lambo or Ferrari gets compliments for being White the designers did their job. I especially like the Patina colored rims

        • 4 Months Ago

        I don't care for this car in white, the front just looks off to me. The red car at the intro (yes, very predictable) looked far better to these eyes.

        • 4 Months Ago


      • 4 Months Ago

      Good to see an American product on the map for a good thing! 

      • 4 Months Ago

      Dodge Dart, twin turbo pentastar 3.2, engine, 450 horses, all wheel drive (mechanically limited slip middle and rear diff, electronic front diff) manual transmission, and you will have a lot more attention. In case you was looking for more ideas for dodge whilst you are mad with power. Also put the hellcat engine in the ram ... because. 

      • 4 Months Ago

      I love this car. Just loose the suede or make it black with red accents, not the other way around as it is now.

      Only thing giving away this car's age are the external doorhandles. A case when a refresh of a decade old vehicle looks newer than the competition's models that just came out. GORGEOUS!


      lop engine in half and put it in the SRT(4) dart

      • 4 Months Ago *Edited*

      These HP wars really are just plain nuts. Remember when an M3 had 280hp and it was LOADS of fun to drive? Yeah, just over 1/3 the HP of this sedan! That's nuts. 

      Now lets put this into perspective, that M3 + This 700+ HP Hellcat you still aren't up to Bugatti cylinders or HP yet. That's just nuts when you stop and think about it. 

      Fastest car I was ever in was a IS300 with a Supra motor with about 100k in work into it. At the time it was putting down like 470hp (at the wheels - so probably like 525hp rated) and I couldn't take my head off the headrest when he smashed the pedal. Hell at 70mph on the highway he would spin tires. (Not sure how wide they were but he would be spinning down the highway from a 70mph roll-on). 

      Dodge -time to redo the viper and use the same motor. The Ram Hellcat, Cherokee Hellcat etc to lower prices on the engines so that more people can buy them :) 

        Joe Carter
        • 4 Months Ago

        I would cream down my leg if they ever made a Hellcat RAM.

      • 4 Months Ago

      This car is awesome. I love 4 door performance cars. This is what Pontiac could be like today if GM wasn't ordered to get rid of it during the bailout. GM, if your not going to bring back Pontiac (which I think you should) then make more exciting Chevys. Give us a cruze ss, malibu ss, etc.

      • 4 Months Ago

      It may be a great car but, unfortunately, it brings out the macho in a lot of people who think that they know how to drive when, in fact, they are not nearly so good behind the wheel as they think that they are. Once vehicles climb above a certain amount of horsepower and/or speed - I do not claim to know what the limits ought to be - there probably should be a higher level of driver certification required. Sorry, there are far too many jokers on the roads already.

        • 4 Months Ago

        I agree with you on that one!  I have a V Coupe to which I love it's shape and hell the 556hp, that's enough for me!  But I will give it to Dodge...now I will be looking over my shoulders and in the rearview mirror, not to say I'm afraid of a Hellcat, it will be the person driving that will frighten me!  $65K for a V @ 556hp and NOW $60K starting for 707hp...there will need to be more blood drives for the mess that will be coming into the hospitals from this decision. 

      • 4 Months Ago

      This car makes me think of the Bill Cosby routine "200 mph". I just wish this car had more pipes, Pipes, PIIIPES!!

      • 4 Months Ago

      i am such a dodge fanboi this car is pure sex and performance it will smoke everything in it's path.  =)

      Mike J
      • 4 Months Ago
      The Problem for Chevy, GM wont make a sedan more powerful than its halo car the Z06. However the Chevy SS could do it in oh 3 years or so. Ford has nothing outside of Australia to possibly modify.
        • 4 Months Ago
        @Mike J
        "Ford has nothing outside of Australia to possiblt modify." What!? Ford actually did so back in 2002. Remember back in those good ol' days when 500 hp was extremely impressive, and the fact that the Shelby P V12 was the most powerful sedan ever? Yeah, and please don't tell me that Shelby's a tuner. As of 1998 Shelby is a registered, official producer. Read more about it here.
      • 4 Months Ago

      Can we put the "too heavy"crap to rest?

      of the sedans listed in the article above:

      BMW M5----------------------curb weight 5313

      Mercedes Benz S550--------curb weight 4729

      Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat-curb weight 4560

      Audi rs7-----------------------curb weight 4500

      Aston Martin Rapide S------curb weight 4410

      Porsche Panamera s 4s-----curb weight 4343

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