Panoz has kept the Esperante around for about fourteen years now, making it one of the longer-serving models on the market. But in Monterey this week, the American niche automaker is introducing a revised version of the Esperante that aims to keep it current.

As we've reported twice before, the 25th Anniversary Esperante Spyder – designed to celebrate Panoz's quarter century on the market – encompasses several key upgrades. For starters, its chassis has been reconstructed from a mix of aluminum, carbon fiber and steel, overlaid with either aluminum bodywork (in the base Spyder) or carbon (in the Spyder GT). It also ditches the old 4.6-liter V8 for a newer 5.0 (or available supercharged 5.4), still sourced from Ford, and updates the suspension, brakes and a nice set of BBS wheels to go with it. The interior also gets a new digital instrument gauge and, in this show car, a tan leather interior.

Whether all these changes are enough to keep the Esperante up with the times is a bigger question, but one way or another, it was good to catch this rare American roadster in the metal at McCall's Motorworks Revival. Check out our live shots in the gallery above.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Months Ago
      I love that this car exists, I really do. And with the new Coyote engine and accompanying updates to the interior and suspension, I;m sure it's a joy to drive. But he couldn't he have done SOMETHING with the exterior? Anything?
        • 4 Months Ago

        "But he couldn't he have done SOMETHING with the exterior? Anything?"

        Unfortunately he did. When you compare this one to the older ones, it looks like an aero kit was added which IMO spoils the original's clean early 2000's styling. Either way though, it's time to let this car go and come up with something new. May I suggest a new Roadster? 

      • 4 Months Ago

      I always want to like the Esperante, it's engineered well and the bodywork is almost attractive. Almost. It's like they drew what they think their dream sports car should look like on a cocktail napkin, and told an engineering firm to make it. The proportions that looked good on paper didn't in sheet metal. The potential for a great car is there.

      • 4 Months Ago

      They still make this thing??  It looks exactly the same as it did 15 years ago.

        • 4 Months Ago

        I was genuinely surprised it is still in production. 

      • 4 Months Ago

      The melted plastic look is not making a strong case for looking modern. For their sake let's hope the engineering proves up.

      • 4 Months Ago

      This car has been ugly from day one.  Why do all that work under the skin and not feel the need to make it look a little less dumpy?

        • 4 Months Ago

        I was just about to write, "still horrifically ugly after all these years..."

        On their site, they are really leaning on exclusivity as a selling point, but with a face like this I can see why there aren't copies on every block...

        You said it best, it's really a cool car underneath the skin.  It's a shame really.

      • 4 Months Ago

      I thought this company died.

      I used to like their Le Mans car, and the roadster was cool too. Not really feeling the Esperante though...

      • 4 Months Ago

      1980 is calling, they want their car back.

      Ryan Andrew Martin
      • 4 Months Ago

      I've never disliked the exterior but it has always been a tad reserved and boring. Hopefully a thorough rework or an all new model are in the works.

      • 4 Months Ago

      It needs a grill.  

      Hale Burnside MD
      • 4 Months Ago

      the  design of the chassis on this car is wonderful . this is almost the perfect front engine sports car ., I wish it would get more recognition

      • 4 Months Ago

      I remember reading about these back in the late 90s/early 00s.

      They need to start over.  Selling the same face for 14 years doesn't work unless people really like it (like the 94-present Ram styling).

      • 4 Months Ago

      Shouldn't they be suing Nissan?

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