As one of the fastest cars in the world, the Bugatti Veyron is an icon in its own time, but people are fickle and always want to know what's next. Bugatti needs to sell just 15 more examples before the Veyron reaches its 450-car cap. With the end finally in sight, a blindly fast successor may be streaking towards us on the horizon.

It's rumored to be packing 1,479 horsepower (1,500 PS) from a modified, hybrid version of the current 8.0-liter, quad-turbo W16

Autocar claims that it's in touch with unnamed insiders within Bugatti, and the site is making some very big promises about the future hyper car. First, what we all want to know: the car is rumored to be packing 1,479 horsepower (1,500 PS) from a modified, hybrid version of the current 8.0-liter, quad-turbo W16 with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. According to the sources, the upgrades potentially include direct injection and electrically powered turbos (maybe like the forthcoming Audi SQ7), but it seems certain that an additional electric motor is being added, as well. That matches previous rumors and dovetails nicely with the suspicious-looking Veyrons spotted lapping the Nürburgring with wider bodies and weird contraptions on their backs.

All of this extra power could make the new hyper car too fast to be verified, though. According to Autocar, the insiders said that computer simulations show the coupe capable of reaching 62 miles per hour in 2.3 seconds and an insane top speed of 286 miles per hour. That's 18 mph faster than the current model but 4 mph off the goal for the next project from Hennessey. In the real world, there's the question of whether there are tires that could actually manage those speeds or a straight long enough to reach it. It might make that mind-boggling number more theoretical than practical.

In terms of exterior design, don't expect massive changes, at least according to the latest rendering (above). The Veyron successor still uses a carbon fiber monocoque chassis but gets a nip and tuck on the outside to appear sharper and more agile. It's still clearly a modern Bugatti, though.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a bit of a wait ahead before any of this speculation becomes official. Autocar's sources indicate the full unveiling would be in 2016 ahead of deliveries starting in 2017, echoing previous statements by Bugatti's sales director for the Americas. Don't expect the rumors about the new model to end until the curtain drops.
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The successor to Bugatti's iconic Veyron hypercar could feature performance credentials so wild that its top speed will be difficult to prove, according to an exclusive report in Autocar today.

Bugatti insiders have revealed to the world's oldest and most respected motoring magazine that the new model, slated to go on sale in 2016, could have a top speed of 286mph and a 0-62mph time of 2.3sec, if current computer simulations are to be believed.

The car will feature a hybrid powertrain based on the same quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 engine featured in the Veyron, and will generate close to 1500bhp.

The nine-year-old Veyron's top speed of 268mph was already a challenge to prove, due to the limitations of its Michelin road tyres; Autocar believes that, unless tyre technology has advanced sufficiently, the rubber could disintegrate before the new vehicle reaches maximum speed.

Autocar road test editor Matt Prior said: "Even though aerodynamic drag increases at the square of speed, if you up the power enough, it's entirely feasible that Bugatti could find another 18mph for the taking in the Veyron's successor.

"But we're well into the realms of academia now. Making a road car that can do 286mph is one thing; making a road car do it on road tyres is rather more difficult."

A full report on Bugatti's Veyron heir can be found in today's edition of Autocar or by visiting the website at

The new vehicle is being built around a carbonfibre monocoque, like its predecessor. It will seat two in what is planned to be a highly luxurious cabin, complete with all the very latest in connectivity technology.

The heavily revised powertrain receives electric assistance, while drive is channelled to all four wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and multi-plate-clutch four-wheel drive system.

Originally launched in 2005, there are only 15 Veyrons left to be sold. As with the Veyron, the new car's production will be limited to around 450 units.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 11 Months Ago

      does this mean it's gonna be even heavier?


      • 11 Months Ago

      I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish they would put a cylinder deactivation system on this type of car. 

      Running 16 cylinders can't be smooth when trolling around town at 15 mph. I would think that running 8 cylinders for like 500-600 hp would be more than enough to run around town. 

      Can you believe if you cut the HP in half it would STILL be more than a Hellcat?? That's just insane when you think about it. The 700+hp hellcat is insane and this car has DOUBLE. 

      I really wish they would focus their efforts on better materials for the cars. I think carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, and other hsla metals have such a better future than just more HP. 

      What do you think would be more fun? 4,000 lbs and 1400 hp or 3200 lbs and 1,120hp? They 2nd would lose approx 20% of the weight and 20% of the hp but would probably run much better. I'm sure they could make it happen, just can't figure out why they won't? 

        • 11 Months Ago *Edited*

        so you think there is not enough of the $100 titanium bolts which are literally all over the car?

        This is not a kit car where it could barely go down the street without jerking or trembling.  Luxury car mfg does one thing called refinement, which takes a significant amount of their R&D and fine tuning time.  Its not just playing around with the boost and fuel level to see where it could get the max hp

        If all one cares is weight, then they would be boosting insanely a 4 liter engine, since that would probably save 300LB, but how long can those engines last.  Making the interior barebone would save a few hundred LBs, but that's not what Bugatti is about.

        One thing they could do is CF transmission case, which is what Audi had on the LMP1 car, but then, it is build by Ricardo, so if Ricardo doesn't do CF transmission housing, then it won't be made.  Another is CF wheel, which is becoming the trend, but then, there doesn't seem to be much CF wheels in the race world, so their popularity could be purely because of their weight.

      • 11 Months Ago *Edited*

      Also one shouldn't believe in that rendering! Autocar is known for their bad rendering skills.

      • 11 Months Ago

      That's too bad. I was hoping they could repeat the amazing progress they made with the original car and make the power-to-weight ratio even more insane by focusing on reducing the weight, rather than just adding more power. This doesn't sound like "a successor" but a bit of an updated version of the same old car, then.

      • 11 Months Ago

      After watching the hr long making of the Veyron. It really makes 3,000hp 2/3 is heat lost. When the engine was 1st tested in Germany the test center's roof was on fire. Due to the extreme heat the vents on the roof were unable to cool the exhaust heat.... That's insane crazy!

      • 11 Months Ago

      That rendering is woeful.

      • 11 Months Ago

      Just take the tires from a Boeing 747 or a Blackbird SR-71. Those seem to handle 300 mph just fine.

        • 11 Months Ago

        Ummm, no, they don't.  The 747 lands at under 200mph, the SR71 also.

        Vr for the 747 and SR71 is also under 200mph (Takeoff speed).

        Habus lowered the landing gear at 250KIAS….hit the deck a lot slower.  Deploy the chute…hope the door hadn't burned/destroyed the chute or you had hot brakes and a long stop….

        One exception was touch-and-go practice with under 25K fuel…minimum was 210KIAS.

        There's a lot of stuff online, take it for what it's worth…LOL.  But 300mph is pretty tough.

      • 11 Months Ago

      The hellcat for rich people

      • 11 Months Ago

      If I remember correctly, Mercedes had the same tire problem when they first came out with the CL65 AMG.  No tire manufacturer made tires that could go fast enough while supporting so much weight.  Eventually it got sorted out and I'm sure this will be as well.

      • 11 Months Ago
      Top speed aside, I am/was hoping this will/would be among the first breed of car to do a 0-60mph in under 2 seconds. Is that even possible?
        • 11 Months Ago

        See LeMans cars from the seventies. Porsche 917/30 Can-Am Spyder. 0-60: 1.9 seconds.

        • 11 Months Ago

        With slicks...probably!

      Avinash Machado
      • 11 Months Ago

      The Supercar of Supercars.

      • 11 Months Ago

      Ridiculous, overpriced and dangerous...and people will still buy it.  No wonder people call the target audience the "more money than brains club".

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