Way back in 1989, Land Rover launched a major program called the Great Divide Expedition. It pitted members of the media against some of North America's toughest terrain, running along the continental divide that bisects the United States. The media's ally in this attempt? The 1990 Range Rover.

It was successful, with the Range Rovers covering the grueling 1,100-mile route in just 12 days, despite just 28 percent of the trip covering paved roads.

With the twenty-fifth anniversary of the original Great Divide Expedition, Land Rover is planning another run along the spine of North America. This time, the tour will consist of two nine-day expeditions of 1,000 miles each. While the distance may be shorter, expect the modern Range Rovers to be pushed to their absolute limits, just like the original models.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, Land Rover is auctioning off a fully restored replica of the 1990 Range Rover used in the original expedition. Aside from picking up the old school Landie, the auction winner will be invited to run one of the expeditions two legs, while their new old Range Rover will cover both journeys.

All profits from the auction will go towards Tread Lightly, a non-profit that got its start with the help of the original Great Divide Expedition. The charity focuses on conservation and education efforts as they relate to outdoor activities, ranging from fishing and hunting to off-roading and other motorized activities that take place off the beaten path.

Scroll down for a time-lapse video of the restoration process on the 1990 Range Rover, a video detailing the original Great Divide Expedition and a short press release from Land Rover. Those interested in bidding on the Range Rover can register to bid at the auction's eBay page. Bidding, meanwhile, runs until August 14 and is up to $33,000 as of this writing.

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Land Rover will auction a restored 1990 Range Rover and an opportunity to attend the 25th anniversary Great Divide expedition. All proceeds from the auction will benefit Tread Lightly! and its goal of promoting responsible outdoor recreation through ethics education and stewardship.

The Range Rover will be auctioned on eBay from August 4-14. The highest bidder will purchase the vehicle and be a guest of Land Rover on a 9-day adventure across some of America's toughest terrain in the 25th anniversary Great Divide Expedition from September 3-12. The Range Rover will take part in both legs of the Expedition (August 20-28 & September 3-12) and will be delivered to the bidder within 30 days following the end of the Expedition.

The inaugural Great Divide Expedition in the fall of 1989 helped launch Tread Lightly! as a national non-profit focused on fostering an ethic of good stewardship to proactively protect recreation access to America's lands and waterways. Land Rover is a founding partner of Tread Lightly!

The 25th anniversary Great Divide Expedition will cover nearly 1,000 miles of unpaved roads and 4x4 trails along a portion of the original Great Divide route. Throughout this expedition, participants will navigate narrow rocky trails with steep drop-offs and mountain passes over 13,000 feet (4,000 meters).

Bid on the 1990 Range Rover Great Divide Expedition Replica: http://givingworks.ebay.com/tread-lightly/

Learn More about Tread Lightly!: http://treadlightly.org

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