The man suspected of attempting to sell Michael Schumacher's medical records to the media has been found hanging dead in his Swiss jail cell. There was no indication that anyone else was involved, according to officials, and the man's name hasn't been released.

The case began when Schumi's records from his time recovering from his head injury at a hospital in Grenoble, France, were being offered to some media outlets for 60,000 Swiss francs (around $67,150 at the time). The documents reportedly included over a dozen pages summarizing the former Formula One champ's condition. French police opened an investigation and tracked the IP address from the emails to the helicopter company that transported Schumacher to his new hospital in Switzerland. The business had received a copy of the report when it moved him. The Swiss police took over the case from there.

According to Fox Sports, this suspect was arrested on August 5. While he denied accusations of the theft, the investigators wanted to question him further. This man was the only suspect in the crime, and with his death, the prosecutors may close the case.

Schumacher finally emerged from his months-long coma and was transported to the Swiss hospital in June. Since then, his family has been private about his condition.

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      This story was sad to begin with and it keeps getting sadder. I hope Michael Schumacher's current tragic situation doesn't overshadow the entirety of his life and all of his accomplishments. It may not be an apt comparison, but Michael Schumacher's ski accident reminds me a lot of the auto accident that paralyzed and ultimately killed Gen. George Patton right after Germany's surrender. I can't help but feel that it's cruel for such men of action to face such fates. I have to have faith that Schumacher's fate will change for the better, but his family's long silence has forced me to begin to think it may be blind faith. Doubts aside, I will stay hopeful and will hope others will share my feelings for Schumacher and his family.

      • 1 Year Ago

      I do not understand why or what anyone would gain by reading his personal and private medical records.

      Why would ANYONE PAY money let alone $67,000 to buy them? I hope the media that was offered the medical records are the ones who turned him in. Glad the coward is dead.

       I wish Michael and his family the best at this time in his recover and he does not need this added stress in his life at this time.

      • 1 Year Ago

      Do not mess vis ze Chermanz mein freund. 

      Junkyard Willie
      • 1 Year Ago

      Inside job.

      • 1 Year Ago

      Karma gets them all!

      • 1 Year Ago

      his guy has died for nothing...It is obvious Michael isn't in a good and promising shape and the time is going on. Sad story became tragic.

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