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  • Jul 31st 2014 at 7:57PM
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In just a relatively short period of time, Radical Sportscars has proven to be a company true to its name. It only completed its first car in 1997 but has become among the leaders in the world of dedicated track day specials since then. These days it's even dipping its toe into the world of road models with the RXC, which stretches the definition of a vehicle for the street nearly to the breaking point. In it's latest video, Xcar Films sits down with the company's managing director Phil Abbot to talk about the business' genesis and its future.

Abbot weaves an intriguing tale. He left school at 15 to become an auto mechanic and eventually branched out into engineering. He didn't become an amateur racer until he was in his 40s. After doing that for a while, he decided that he could build a better mousetrap and set out to build a fast, affordable track car. The company's original Clubsport model was heavier and more expensive than Abbot wanted, but it was enough of a success for the business to push forward.

With the RXC the company is now aiming more at the on-road business. With a US price of $171,280, they aren't cheap, but it's hard to imagine finding a more hardcore vehicle for the street. "Our cars will always be racecars, but if people are crazy enough to put them on the road, then that gives us a good market," said Abbot in the video.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      Ryan Copeland
      • 1 Year Ago
      Huge respect to Radical. Always knew that the cars were the real deal . Getting passed by one on a track day is a pretty humbling experience in itself. Sadly never had the chance of a ride or drive yet. Fair point that they're probably some of the most cost effective track cars out there too. Might not seem like it at first but when you add up a few years' worth of spending money making road cars fast the math 'catches up'. Inspiring to get a quick impression of the genuine passion that drives the folks who build them.
      • 1 Year Ago
      awesome car, huge money. good luck.
      • 1 Year Ago
      its odd, they had a lot of camera time on the Ford engine, but then did not speak about it at all??? I would have been interested in hearing about that motor, but that V8 seems spectacular as well. I would have liked to hear what the differences are and such.
      • 1 Year Ago
      I saw a Radical shown as a display in Short Hills Mall NJ about 18 months ago. Looks the same as this and was listed for $95K. Why the huge price jump?
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