Italian motorcycle maker MV Agusta has been riding down a rough road so far this year. Not only did it temporarily lose it license to sell bikes in California, rumors have kept popping up about it being sold to a couple of automakers. Fiat was reportedly considering the business for a possible purchase in March.

The latest report of automaker interest in the motorcycle maker comes from Reuters, citing a German business newspaper that claims the automotive giant Daimler is approaching MV Agusta over the possibility of buying a minority stake. However, it's hardly the automaker's first flirtation with two wheels. Daimler was reportedly among the bidders to buy Ducati in 2012 before Audi scooped it up.

Perhaps the second time is the charm for Daimler when it comes to bikes. Like Ducati, MV Agusta is a famous name in European motorcycle racing but would likely be much cheaper to buy. Whereas Audi paid $1.1 billion for Ducati, Harley-Davidson only needed $109 million to nab MV Agusta in 2008, and $70 million of that was to pay off debt.

Even if the Daimler deal doesn't work out, MV Agusta seems to have a backup plan. According to Reuters, the bike maker may place 30 percent of its stock on the Italian stock exchange to provide a much-needed boost in cash flow.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Months Ago
      HD could have picked up Agusta for only $109 Million?! What a steal. They need a line that attracts more youth.
        The Law
        • 5 Months Ago
        You mean they need a line that youth can afford.
          • 5 Months Ago
          @The Law
          I could never figure out what Harley was thinking seems to me they're too hung up on not watering down the brand/messing with their heritage...well why not have MV as a separate "world" brand that's focused on the demographics that you're not going to reach with Harley. They could've made bikes in America that were world class track machines (finally)....and now, ironically, it looks like Buell is going to be the one to do it....I think Harley really screwed the pooch on MV & Buell....MV, with Harley's backing and even a fraction of their dealer network could've been something...weak sauce Harley, weak sauce.
      • 5 Months Ago
      Not only a great name, but gorgeous bikes,. The F4 still looks nearly the same 16 years after initial launch, and it doesn't show its age looks wise. MV are under capitalized, which has lead to slightly unfinished new designs, such as the, still fabulously looking, slightly temperamental F3. So Daimler-Benz is going for Aston Martin, and MV Agusta. Not a bad combo.