Smart is slated to debut both the next-generation Fortwo and the all-new Forfour in Berlin tomorrow evening, with the struggling city car manufacturer making the lofty claim that the new models will be "the best city cars in the world."

Ahead of that debut, Smart has released a trio of sketches that show off the new, two-seat Fortwo and its new, bolder (it's a relative term, people) design language. Gone is the slab-sided appearance of the last Fortwo, as the new model should sport a pair of fairly substantial character lines along its sides. It's difficult to tell from the sketches, which naturally exaggerate some of the styling aspects, but it looks like we can expect slightly flared wheel arches, as well as an all-new front fascia. That face looks to be inspired by the FourJoy concept, and boasts large headlights and a more pronounced grille. It's a similar story in back, where FourJoy-inspired styling dominates, with prominent rhomboidal taillights.

In the cabin, Smart's clean, funky aesthetic remains on display, boasting a minimalist look that should help avoid feelings of claustrophobia. A three-spoke steering wheel with a large, single-element instrument cluster greets the driver, while an interesting, oval shape dominates the doors.

We'll have all the details when the next-generation Smarts make their big debut in Berlin. Scroll down for a short press release announcing tomorrow night's debut.
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World premiere of the new smart fortwo and forfour on 16 July in Berlin - In the thick of the action: experience the new smart generation celebrating its debut via live stream from the Tempodrom

Daimler AG CEO Dr Dieter Zetsche and Head of smart Dr Annette Winkler will present the new smart models
Live broadcast of the smart world premiere on Wednesday, 16 July, from 8 p.m. CET via Facebook and GOMEX

In a double world premiere smart will be presenting its completely new model generation this Wednesday, 16 July, in Berlin. The two-seater fortwo and four-seater forfour are giving their debut in the German capital under the motto "FOR a new urban joy", with an unmistakable statement: here come the best city cars in the world. The features that make the new edition of the fortwo an "urban original" and the forfour the "smart among the four-seaters" can be experienced first-hand on Wednesday evening from 8 p.m. CET onwards. Dr Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, and Dr Annette Winkler, Head of smart, will put the spotlight on these two new models in front of around 500 international journalists. smart has set up an electronic fan area for the live broadcast from the Tempodrom, with free entry starting at 8 p.m. via Facebook and GOMEX.

With "FOR a new urban joy" as the guiding theme, this Wednesday a new smart era will begin. The world premiere at the Berlin Tempodrom is designed to reflect this feeling: "FOR" stands for the brand's positive outlook, with an approach that promotes an increased quality of life and more fun in the city. The two new models fit into this world perfectly. Both the fortwo and the forfour display a unique combination of urban joie de vivre and compelling functionality.

"FOR" just a great day

The presentation line-up is as exceptional as the new cars themselves – colourful, varied, and both informative and entertaining. The guests include Germany's best men's and women's beach volleyball teams, who will also play each other during the "smart beach tour 2014". Urban flair will be provided by the artist collective Klub 7 as they transform asphalt and concrete areas into three-dimensional works of art with brightly coloured paintings on walls and floors.

In the Berlin Prinzessinnengärten guests can experience that you don't have to be an artist in order to create living design in neglected areas, while finding out about the latest trend topics such as urban gardening and the future of urban mobility. car2go and moovel are another two successful providers of intelligent urban mobility to be presented at the smart world premiere, with the success story of car2go in particular linked to the agile city runabouts from smart.

"FOR" your interest

An in-depth brand and product exhibition will invite visitors to discover the rich diversity of the world of smart. The exhibition will focus on the design and innovative technology of the new smart models and their extremely compact quality. The new fortwo is not a single millimetre longer than its predecessor, but it has more to offer in every respect, from comfort, safety and functionality to driving pleasure.

Cool acoustics will be played by the Kids of Adelaide, two musicians whose catchy guitar sound is enjoyed by many, and not just in the clubs of Germany's capital city. The soundtrack to the official premiere of the new smart models has been written by the Berlin DJ and singer Jan Blomqvist, and Cris Noelle is highlighting the star automobiles with a spectacular live performance of digital urban calligraphy. The premiere show will be broadcast from 8 p.m. CET live around the world via YouTube and GOMEX.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      Richard J Lawrence
      • 5 Months Ago
      I am excited and hopeful they will make the right choice and bring the Forfour Stateside. Either way, it will be my next car.
      Jim R
      • 5 Months Ago
      These things aren't going to sell without SIGNIFICANT improvement to the powertrain. A tiny 3-cylinder engine that was too small for a car this size and the world's worst transmission are what have held sales down. Give it a better engine (maybe direct injection? Maybe turbo?) and either a DCT or a CVT (or better, a proper stickshift) and maybe we'll have something.
        • 5 Months Ago
        @Jim R
        Hi. It will get get 2 engines both from Renault a 1.0 liter 70 hp, and a 899 ccm 3 cylinder with turbo and 90 hp/ 135 nm, and maybe even a variation with more power. The transmissions will be a 6 speed manuel and a 7 speed dual clutch.
          • 5 Months Ago
          it is a 1.2 liter , not 1 liter
          • 5 Months Ago
          I am sorry you are right it is a complete new engine being deveolop by nissan/ renault, the 900 CC is a renault/ nissan build engine, it not just a renault build engine, although an engine might be engineer at renault, nissan oversee all gasoline engines in the alliance, that why thy carry the first code H in the engines name.
        • 5 Months Ago
        @Jim R
        I have a 2013 Passion Coupe. The two things I'd love to change: NVH at highway speeds and a proper manual transmission. The fanbois will absolutely yell at you for calling it an automatic transmission, but it's an automatic transmission all day long. Change that and I might consider getting another one (because it's the best car to park in San Francisco - period.) The competition for this car [in SF] isn't another car - it's Uber and car-sharing services like Getaround.
          • 5 Months Ago
          I predict the manual transmission option will NOT be available in North America...
      • 5 Months Ago
      Without a significantly better engine both from the performance and fuel economy standpoints and night and day pricing improvements these new Smarts will be DOA in the US.
      • 5 Months Ago
      we can't wait...........Everybody who ever wanted one of these has already bought it. Give up already.
      Lukas H
      • 5 Months Ago
      Same base price with better engine (3 cyl with pr with out turbo) and brand new transmission
      • 5 Months Ago
      They will probably increase the FourTwo's exterior and interior dimensions. All manufacturers seem to evolve their brands in this way.