Okay Jeep fans, you want more diesel options? Time to step up and prove it. The only way Jeep will offer a diesel powerplant in the Cherokee, according to brand head Mike Manley, is if sales of the Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel nearly double.

Currently, about eight percent of the Grand Cherokees sold feature the 3.0-liter, EcoDiesel V6. That's simply not enough to warrant the bringing an oil-burning Cherokee to the US market, despite the vehicle's presence in Europe, where it's sold with a 2.8-liter diesel V6.

"Cherokee is slightly different because of its weight and size. When I think about bringing Cherokee diesel here, I would like to see Grand Cherokee diesel get much higher than eight percent," Manley told Automotive News. "It would have to be in mid-double digits."

Part of the problem in our estimation, aside from the high price of diesel fuel, is that the EcoDiesel Grand Cherokee is a pretty pricey proposition. It's only available on the Limited model and above, which starts at $36,495 for a two-wheel-drive example. Adding the diesel then adds a whopping $4,500 onto the price.

Only Audi demands a higher premium for its diesel Q7, at $5,200 on some trim levels. A diesel Mercedes-Benz M-Class is only $4,000 more than the gas model, while BMW is unbelievably reasonable, demanding a mere $1,500 premium for a diesel X5. If Jeep could at least trim some of the price premium and offer the EcoDiesel on lesser trim levels, we could see its popularity expanding.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      Hennessey Tseng
      • 6 Months Ago
      Sidelining this article. When are we going to see the Wrangler with the diesel. Now that would be a fantastic car. A Wrangler Unlimited with the Ecodiesel. That would be the Mercedes G wagen with the diesel that we never got. We have a Mercedes GL350 diesel and love the torque and fuel economy. Despite the general impression that people who can afford that kind of car, not minding the cost of fuel. I look upon it the other way. I don't mind spending more on the vehicle if it saves me at the pump. Bring on a Wrangler Unlimited with Ecodiesel!!!
      • 6 Months Ago
      If Jeep wants to sell more diesels then this option needs to be available at all trim levels and not just the top. It is silly to believe that only those individuals who will $40,000 plus to spend want to the better mileage. Of course there will be an upcharge for the diesel but offer it at all trim levels
      • 6 Months Ago
      "If Jeep could at least trim some of the price premium and offer the EcoDiesel on lesser trim levels, we could see its popularity expanding." This is a very accurate statement.
      • 6 Months Ago
      Maybe the $4,500 price premium is too damned high?
      • 6 Months Ago
      Too. Damn. Expensive. That is all.
        • 6 Months Ago
        Have you priced the diesel option on pickups? Makes the Grand Cherokee diesel look like an outright steal.
          • 6 Months Ago
          Have you priced a diesel from VW? That is a steal! What? Not the same vehicle? Maybe I misunderstood your analogy.
      • 5 Months Ago
      If they want sales to improve, maybe they should consider offering the diesel option without tying it to half a dozen expensive options.
      • 5 Months Ago
      By charging a $4500 premium for the diesel and restricting the diesel to the Limited, Jeep has ZERO right to complain about poor sales. And it's even more arrogant for Jeep to say "well, we can't justify a diesel in the Cherokee because look at how poor the sales are in the Grand Cherokee". Jeep is GREEDY with their diesel and that's why no one is buying them: It's a rip-off. BTW, I own a Diesel 2012 VW Golf and I was very interested in the diesel GC but Jeep's marketing department (or whatever department is responsible for pricing vehicles) has their head up their butt. I want a diesel GC under $40k and they're demanding $55k. No Jeep is worth $55k and anyone who pays that much will get punished with poor resale value. I haven't even bothered to step foot in a dealership. $55k is insane.
      Avinash Machado
      • 6 Months Ago
      A Diesel Wrangler would be better.
        • 6 Months Ago
        @Avinash Machado
        in the us a hybrid cherokee would make more sense, the target demographic for cherokees do not care about the benefits of diesel just fuel efficiency. a diesel wrangler would be the king jeep as long as they can keep the price in check. for wrangler buyers the torque might actually be more compelling than the fuel savings.
      • 6 Months Ago
      $4,500 for the diesel upgrade (IIRC). No thank you. On top of that you have to step up to at least the Limited trim level before you can add it as an option. Again... no thanks. By the time all is said and done, the diesel upgrade is going to cost a lot of coin. And they wonder why it isn't selling better than it is.
        trek till
        • 6 Months Ago
        It looks like they changed it now but when it first came out jeep also made you buy a 3000 luxury package. the lowest price 4x4 diesel model was 46k and change.
      Paul P.
      • 6 Months Ago
      I looked at buying one, but the ones on dealer lots are all loaded and carry a sticker well over $50,000. I asked them to look for a basic model with the diesel and cloth seats for me, but they told me they don't even make one like that. I really don't understand why not. Especially when, on the same lot, they were selling diesel Rams for less. I probably would have bought one of those, but the whole reason I was looking at the Grand Cherokee in the first place was because I didn't want a pickup.
      • 6 Months Ago
      Do they even advertise the diesel GC?
      • 5 Months Ago
      The JK is vastly improved with the 3.6. If it were available with the diesel, it would be great for me. I can only assume the same can be said for the Cherokee. The Liberty CDR sold well, just reliability may have been an issue after 70k I have heard from owners. I often wonder who Jeep listens to for product development. Owners went crazy for the 1997 Wrangler based 4 door Dakar concept. Then they waited 10 years before a Wrangler based 4 door was available in the JK Unlimited and selling well. I currently have an '07 and a '12. The Grand Cherokee is very nice, but pricey and mediocre fuel mileage in gas models. I would be interested in a Wrangler or Cherokee diesel. How about a truck? Stop teasing Jeep!
        • 5 Months Ago
        So this past winter I picked up a deal on an 05 Liberty CRD with a bad motor - 3K for a fully loaded limited edition, with about every option that could be tossed on it. So I spent a lot of the winter rebuilding it, and I'd never advise someone get a Liberty CRD unless they don't mind working on it on a regular basis. I like the vehicle, but it is clearly a Chrysler science experiment.
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