After spending four days practicing about a dozen drift stunt moves in a parking lot for an upcoming BMW "Drift Mob" internet mini-film, Rhys Millen, Sam Hübinette, Dai Yoshihara, Rich Rutherford, and Conrad Grunewald are finally ready for show time. We are brought to the huge urban traffic circle to see the stunts performed midway through the day to observe for a couple of hours.

The undertaking is massive, with multiple cameras set up, scores of crew members, a helicopter filming from above, a rigged pickup for car-to-car shots, sidewalks lined with security and plenty of curious onlookers, and oh, yeah, a major intersection of a top world city shut down for an entire weekend.

The five drifting legends are nestled in their identical red BMW M235i coupes, which have been modified with special handbrakes but essentially nothing else you can't get on a stock version, and are listening to direction from director Mic Rodgers and stunt coordinator Riley Harper. We're basically given free rein of the set, to shoot the cars, the drivers, and at one point, even hopping in with Yoshihara for one of the admittedly more tame stunts. Even then, the g-forces are so severe that they flip our cameraphone's video recording from landscape mode to portrait. Yes, this is a pretty cool day to be reporting on cars, and as we said during our first installment of our behind the scenes coverage of Drift Mob, we're honored to be the only US media outlet here to tell the tale.

Given the sheer awesomeness of this whole production, we wanted to share with you a few of our photos and a video clip from the shoot as a preview to what is bound to be a pretty amazing bit of filmwork. We have to wait to give you the whole story on the shoot, including one-on-one feedback from the drivers themselves, until BMW releases the mini feature film itself, likely in late July.
BMW M235i Drift Mob | Autoblog Short Cuts

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      • 5 Months Ago
      I'm a old car guy, and I've never understood the attraction of wasting rubber to pollute the air , while exhibiting a skill that's relatively easy to learn.. My fave competitive test of skills is rally, but sadly , it's not a spectator sport.
      • 5 Months Ago
      Drift mob? Seriously. BMW. My fond memories of tooling around in an E30 Convertible are fading and this shiat is not renewing my faith in the least.
      • 5 Months Ago
      Like the new X5, the new X6 looks more sophisticated then the previous generation. I had the previous generation X5 the first year it came out in the 4.8i variant. And I have driven the new xDrive 50i, the new gen isn't as plastic looking, and the interior design is been so greatly refined it's hard to believe they're the same model. I'd be very interested in an X6 eDrive40i, if they announce it before I'm tempted by the X5 eDrive40i.
      • 5 Months Ago
      Wait, REALLY?!!! OK, BMW. Here you have five guys of drifting (all good guys, for the most part), of which, not ONE of them have used your products in competition! Yet, you have the CURRENT Formula Drift champion utilizing BMW products for the LAST 5 YEARS and you have not provided ANY sponsorship for him (let alone, place in this video)? This is a bit disparaging. The Formula D audience understands that a car sliding within inches of a cone is a car that has the best handling traits. Your "Ultimate Driving Machine" moniker is safe, even revered within Drifting. Come on, BMW. I know you can do better!