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The 2001 Honda Civic is just one model under recall (Ho... The 2001 Honda Civic is just one model under recall (Honda).
The recall of faulty airbag inflators supplied by Takata has exploded Monday to include seven automakers. In most cases, only models in certain high-humidity regions were affected because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found in its investigation that moisture played a roll in determining whether there would be a problem. However, some companies opted for national campaigns. The exact number of affected models for these campaigns isn't yet known at this time.

BMW is recalling an undisclosed number of 325i, 325Xi, 330i and 330Xi models from the 2001 through 2005 model years and the 2001-2006 model year versions of the 325Ci and 330Ci for the driver side and passenger side inflators. Only vehicles currently registered in Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands are covered under this recall.

Neither Chrysler's filing with NHTSA nor its press release list the specific models affected, but a company spokesperson told Autoblog that at this time it only covers the driver and passenger side inflators for the 2006 Dodge Charger in Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands

Ford is recalling an estimated 58,669 cars that include the 2005-2006 model years of the Ford GT for the driver and passenger inflators, the 2007-2007 model years of the Mustang for the driver side and 2004 Ranger for the passenger side. It covers vehicles originally sold or currently registered in, wait for it... Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands.

Honda is issuing three separate recalls regarding the problem. First, the company is recalling the 2002-2003 model years Civic, CR-Vand Odyssey and the 2003 model year of the Accord, Element, Pilot and Acura MDX to replace the passenger's side inflator. This covers these models nationwide.

Second, Honda is repairing the passenger's side airbag inflator in the 2003-2005 Accord, Civic, CR-V, Element, Pilot, the 2003-2004 model year versions of the Odyssey, the 2003-2005 model year Acura MDX and2005 Acura RL. However, this is only for vehicles located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Owners will be notified in July.

Finally, Honda is separately replacing some models' driver's side inflators. They include the: 2001-2007 Accord with four-cylinder engines, the 2001-2002 Accord with a V6 engine, 2001-2005 Civic,
2002-2006 CR-V, 2003-2011 Element, 2002-2004 Odyssey, 2003-2007 Pilot, 2006 Ridgeline, 2003-2006 Acura MDX, 2002-2003 Acura TL and 2002-2003 Acura CL. This recall only covers vehicles registered in the states mentioned above.

According to its statement to Autoblog, "Honda has chosen to expand the affected area for these market actions because of similar environmental conditions in those areas." Balmy, in other words.

Mazda is recalling roughly 34,600 vehicles for their driver and passenger side inflators. The models include the: 2003-2007 Mazda6, 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed6, 2004 MPV and 2004-2008 RX-8. Vehicles originally sold in or currently registered in Florida, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii are covered under the recall.

At this time, Nissan's recall plans are not yet clear. In the statement from the company to Autoblog, it said that some 2001-2003 model year Nissan and Infiniti vehicles would be added to the recall. There is a separate field action for Puerto Rico, Florida, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands for models made between January 1 and July 31,2004. A company spokesperson told Autoblog to expect more exact data later in the week.

Finally, Toyota is issuing an additional recall to replace the passenger side inflator on several models located in or originally purchased in Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands. It covers the 2003-2005 model year versions of the Lexus SC430, Pontiac Vibe, Corolla, Corolla Matrix, Sequoia and Tundra. This comes in addition to the recall from a few weeks ago where the company announced repairs for about 844,277 cars from the 2002-2004 model years for the same problem with the passenger side inflator.

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      Damn japs are STILL trying to kill Americans. We should have dropped 20 A bombs, not just 2!
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      Dam japs are still trying to kill Americans!! We should have used 20 A Bombs, not just 2!
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