Erik Buell Racing EBR 1190 SX streetfighter motorcycle.

Erik Buell Racing has finally revealed its 1190SX, the streetfighter version of its pure-racer 1190RX superbike. EBR hasn't gone into details beyond saying that we should know more come July 4 or so, but since it has the same heart as the 1190RX we can make some educated guesses.

Less fairing work should make it a few pounds lighter than the 425-pound 1190RX, and the SX has a higher handlebar secured with a triple-clamp, not the clip on bars of the RX, and might have a different rake for a more relaxed position. The electronic cockpit display looks like a carryover from the RX, and it's suspected that the 21-setting traction control makes the jump, too.

While we wait to find out what changes have been made to the 1,190 cc V-twin and electronics, a video below shows off the official reveal at the Indianapolis Speedway and a VO-free walk-around. As for the actual bike, the model year and on-sale date remain part of the secrecy, but we're told it's in production right now, so... soon.
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