Is anyone surprised that Tesla Motors is ready to disrupt the status quo even in little ways? If you are, then here's one more example: Tesla is partnering with Uber (which taxi drivers around the world are not happy with) in Shanghai to both give people free, 15-minute rides in the electric car. Think of it as the free Supercharger miles for the don't-own-a-Tesla set.

It's a small, limited promotion defined by the fact that you can't actually order yourself a Tesla. Instead, if you're looking for a ride in Shanghai's inner ring on Wednesday, you can hope that one of the "few super-secret Teslas on the system" will come and pick you and up to three friends up. What's completely different about this Uber ride is that it's not a ride at all. Instead, if you have your drivers license, you can get behind the wheel and driver for up to 15 minutes.

CNET says that this is only the first of more Tesla-Uber promotions. Tesla is supplying the vehicles and a spokesperson said it was, "only a pilot test at the moment."

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      That's pretty daring considering one can simply buy a driver's license in China (without any written or driving test). Riding in a car in China will send chills down your spine. They have no concept of dangers of driving...they'll tailgate a truck on the freeway, change lanes without looking back, drive 5mpg on 40mpg roads, stop and accelerate randomly, etc..
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