• Jun 11th 2014 at 9:29AM
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  • Guitar strap made from '80s Volkswagen Golf upholstery.
  • Image Credit: Couch Guitar Straps
  • Guitar strap using Mercedes vinyl upholstery
  • Image Credit: Couch Guitar Straps
  • Strap made from Mustang vinyl trunk liner
  • Image Credit: Couch Guitar Straps
  • Strap from Pontiac GTO trunk liner
  • Image Credit: Couch Guitar Straps
  • Red Mercedes vinyl interior strap
  • Image Credit: Couch Guitar Straps
  • Shaving bag made from '70s Jeep Cherokee vinyl interior
  • Image Credit: Couch Guitar Straps
  • Wallet made from Pontiac GTO vinyl trunk liner
  • Image Credit: Couch Guitar Straps
Cars and rock and roll have gone together since the early days. Whether it's Hot Rod Lincoln, G.T.O or a bunch of songs by The Beach Boys, auto enthusiasts were instrumental to the history of the genre. Photography has played a huge role in our hobby as well. Think of the number of cars you know about but only ever see in pictures. A company called Couch definitely sees the connection and creates seriously cool straps and accessories using deadstock automotive upholstery. They even offer a range of wallets and shaving bags, if you're not a rocker or camera buff but love the classic style.

Their products run the gamut of classic cars. They have guitar and camera straps made from the upholstery of an '80s Volkswagen Golf (pictured above), the vinyl trunk liner from a late '60s Ford Mustang, vinyl seats from '80s Mercedes-Benz, a fantastically retro shaving bag from a '70s Jeep Cherokee interior and a lot more.

The deadstock material is the probably best part of the line. Couch finds the leftover fabric from places like auto upholstery shops. It means that no classic cars have to give up their seats to furnish you with a wallet or guitar strap. Even better, you're not putting something around your neck made from material that someone sat on for 40 years – that could get kind of gross. If you're in a band that needs a retro look or just want to take your classic car love with you everywhere, you might want to give Couch a browse.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      Davey Hiltz
      • 7 Months Ago

      Now that's classy. I think those straps would go great in my car. Sure, they look  like they're from the 60's, but that's my kind of style anyway. It's a good style, maybe I'll get some myself.


      Christopher Anderson
      My dad is a photographer and owns two '73 VWs (a Bus and a Beetle), so I guess I know what to get him for Father's Day now. Thanks!
      Bill Burke
      • 1 Year Ago
      • 1 Year Ago
      Using this material means that there is less of it available for restoration. Some of it looks to be very unique and hard to find - a real bummer if you are trying to restore an old car...
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