An adult doll being used to help sell a Volkswagen Golf on eBay UK.

We're tempted to just let you gaze at the picture above, and the gallery, then point you to the relevant auction on eBay UK and let you figure out the rest... but we'll at least say a few words. Auction site user Gawjusberni of East Grinstead, West Sussex, United Kingdom wants to move his Volkswagen Golf 1.8 MkII. However, Mr. - we'll assume we're dealing with a mister - Gawjusberni didn't see fit to list the model year, the mileage, the features or any of the usual minutiae found in such listings. But he did see fit to have a model, "Sandy," swing by.

She's the delightful doll in the teacher's outfit, probably just come from explaining the commutative property to a bunch of similarly rubberized elementary school dolls. In the short and only partially legible description, Mr. Gawjusberni says that Sandy "reports as follows" that the Golf has a "good engine, gearbox, clutch and drives well." She also knows how to point out rust, tender-like, on her knees. So there.

But it appears Sandy isn't a DIY'er and doesn't want to do the fixing up the Golf requires, so she passed on the purchase. Her loss, your gain, with bidding up to just 205 pounds ($344 US) at the time of writing.