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  • May 23rd 2014 at 12:45PM
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Paul is a Brit living in Southern California and still connected to his native land by, among other things, being a collector of all things James Bond. That led to him buying a 1967 Aston Martin DB6, having lusted after a DB-series car since he was nine, and fitting it with every "accoutrement" from James Bond's 1964 DB5 in Goldfinger and Thunderball.

Getting features like the slicer wheel caps, console-activated oil slicks, blast shield and radar screen fitted required Paul to find his own Q-Branch director, this one named Brian Uiga, a gent who had done the same with his BMW 7 Series.

As for what it took, Paul said, "We got together and planned the project and set a budget, and... the plan didn't work and the budget was toast." Still, they got it done - including the ejector seat - and it only required drilling one hole. You can see the result in the video below.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 11 Months Ago

      Every car should come with an ejector seat.

      • 1 Year Ago
      Never understood what people see about the old AMs. I would sell that thing and get myself either Maserati Khamsin (the Euro version) or Ferrari Lusso... well the later might actually be more expensive...? :)
        • 1 Year Ago
        Khamsin's nice. Very underrated. Lusso is exquisite. That said if someone offered my a DB6 Volante Vantage, I would take it over any of the others.
        • 1 Year Ago
        To each their own, man.
      • 1 Year Ago
      I think most people realize that it is a reasonable proximity of what he is trying attempt. The Corgi Jr model from the Seventies, and the Husky model predecessor each was a DB6. I personally wouldn't ruin a fine Aston-Martin with this nonsense. As far as I am concerned, there really are only three James Bonds (now that dates me, does it not, although I am sure many will say there is only ONE James Bond.). God, is somebody that insecure that they need to pretend they are James Bond and live that fantasy because they're own life is not as good? Forget the James Bond cliche, I would want this car in its own right.
      Jin Takemura
      • 1 Year Ago
      wow i can't believe no one made pedantic and snarky commentary about how james bond drove a DB5 and how this car is a DB6 which is absolutely incorrect and how that's like buying a Walther P38 to be like bond instead of the correct PPK. oh wait...
        • 1 Year Ago
        @Jin Takemura
        I appreciate the simple fact that this dude did what he wanted to do. DB 5 or 6 doesn't change the fact he's literally living his dream. I respect that.
      • 1 Year Ago
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